Coronavirus Open Thread 2022

Strange logic there.

Even a broken clock…

We’re entering into semantics now. There still is a global virus.

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You are right though. Biden should be pushing the endemic narrative.

They’re are lots of global viruses that we live with. Now there’s another.

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Endemic viruses are predictable. Covid isn’t at this point.

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Medical expert = “fearmonger extraordinaire.”

I suppose that is one way to describe someone who provides clear reasons why the president is wrong, and why the US continues to have atrocious health outcomes—in September 2022, not in some distant historical era—relative to its peers.


The majority of excess deaths aren’t related to Covid, even allowing for the questionable measurements of deaths with/of Covid.

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I could understand that position. But I think it’s just going to be more of the same. Some mutation to evade, a case of the sniffles… Over and over just like normal cold and flu viruses.

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Eventually it should reach that point, but it’s not the snuffles at the moment. My symptoms could have taken out someone elderly and sick, for sure.

For me the question is whether our response to Covid has resulted in more premature excess deaths than the virus itself, but nobody seems interested in measuring that. Plus, the available data is basically unreadable.


I think you’ve hit the nail on the head - it has been a pandemic of the elderly and those with health issues but government responses have wrongly targeted entire populations.

On excess deaths, Dr John Campbell is frequently updating and commenting on this. Excess deaths have been consistently above the norm in most European countries since May. In the UK data shows that circa 50% of excess deaths are heart-related. My own personal view is that government responses to Covid (primarily lockdowns and their impact on personal health/inability for people with other illnesses to access healthcare…and to a small extent adverse reactions to vaccinations) have indeed resulted in more excess deaths


I’ve noticed that the official line that’s starting to be pushed is that Covid weakened people’s hearts which explains increased heart arrhythmia.

It’s too big an issue for anyone to admit it was a monumental public health fuck up.

I know that many of the folks here on Forumosa would very much like the pandemic to be over. Me too! But it simply isn’t.

"Scientists on alert as new Covid strain tears through ’multiple countries’

A new, highly transmissible Covid variant is now tearing through “multiple countries” – and it has scientists on high alert."

Take care and enjoy your day!


Named BF. 7 – short for BA. – the new variant is spreading faster than most other variants of interest that scientists are currently tracking in the US.

OK…but is it more deadly? Probably not so who the f… cares.

Pandemic is over. I’d risk saying there was never a real “pandemic” in the sense that we should have changed anything in our lives or stop the whole world’s economy due to Covid…

It’s sad that there are still those few panic prone societies like here in Taiwan, where people still buy this nasty fear propaganda, and we’re still tightly masked as of September 2022 and there’s little resistance from the society to end this madness…

It’s way more probable that you’re gonna die in a scooter accident than from Covid, yet I still see more masked and helmet-less people than the opposite…


Agree. It’s funny how (in this case the Singaporean authorities) were admitting last year the risk of myocarditis from the vaccine…including the extreme case of the Singaporean teenager who had a cardiac arrest post-vaccine…


If you’re referring to my post by this phrase, how double dare you?! :rofl:

The cure was much worse than the blight.


The guy admits today’s vaccines are basically useless against today’s latest Covid threats, and then concludes it with: “I’m dropping my COVID hubris and donning a mask.” :laughing:

Well, good for him. He can wear that mask 24/7 if he likes. As long as he doesn’t call for enforced mask mandates for those that choose not to follow his lead, then it’s all good.

It was missing from the article, but Professor Chris Goodnow works for organizations that are directly funded by Big Pharma (ie. Pfizer), including the ones named. He has also published research papers where he was directly paid by large pharmaceutical corporations to do that specific ‘research’ (ie.Roche).

This influence of Big Pharma on Australia’s health academics and scientists is well documented. 1 2 3 4 5

As such, I take his advice as ‘an expert’ with a gigantic bag of salt.

In Australia, Big Pharma directly fund the major political parties, directly fund the national health body (NHMRC), directly fund the “Covid research,” and (for other health areas) also set up many of these apparently independent “research groups,” which really are said to really only act as rubber-stampers for the latest meds.

In particular, Australia’s National COVID-19 Health and Research Advisory Committee is simply packed full of members who receive all sorts of personal cash from all sorts of pharmaceutical companies. All that info is easily found under their declarations of interest. Australian universities and politicans are also all compromised in the same manner. It’s all quite incestuous.



An example, Monash University (Australia) handing itself over to Big Pharma:

"…partnering with people like Pfizer, Regeneron, Janssen, and a new deal with Roche. Professor Carroll said $14 million of the institute’s $50 million in research income each year was from industry, most of it from partnerships with big pharmaceutical firms.

On Monday the institute will announce a research and commercialisation with Roche…"

That was six years ago. It’s far worse now.