Coronavirus Open Thread 2024

Of, or with?


“Medical experts say very young children are especially vulnerable to the disease.”

Well, that’s quite the turnaround. I recall the Infection Fatality Rate (IFR) for covid, reported in the Lancet, at age 1 being 0.0054%, to 0.0024% at age 5.

So that message is the exact opposite to all the data, and the entirety of the covid experience, for very young children.

There seems to be some sort of shenanigans going on.

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I presume that two infants have died, which sadly happens, who were COVID positive. Therefore…

Assuming this journalist is telling the truth, then what’s particularly worrying is the expert is in the plural.


The first phase will kick off on Oct. 1 and individuals aged 65 and over, healthcare workers, and pregnant women will be eligible for both shots

The second phase will begin on Nov. 1 and all individuals six months and older will be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine. Those between 50-64 will also be encouraged to have a flu jab.

Looks like we can expect an increase in cardiac issues :slightly_frowning_face:


I assume the authorities are aware of (a) the number of reported adverse events and complete lack of safety testing for pregnant women and (b) virtually zero case fatality rate in this age group. Can you think of any explanations other than malice, corruption, or gross incompetence for this curious decision?


It’s simple, your premises are wrong as explained many times.
But you accepted those as reality and discussing it further is pointless.

You may ask Centers for Disease Control for clarification.

Over 800 hospitalizations for COVID reported last week

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No, I’m afraid it’s your premises that are wrong, which is why you can’t bring yourself say the words “safe and effective” anymore. You know that claim to be incontrovertibly false, particularly for the demographic I flagged up (pregnant women). To be clear:

  • COVID vaccines are associated with a variety of AERs related to the reproductive system (nevermind a whole bunch of other stuff), many of which have been confirmed by followup research. A number of studies and government reports have documented a small but definite increase in miscarriage.
  • No reproductive toxicology tests have ever been carried out on pregnant women for any of the COVID vaccines.
  • The number of women aged 20-35 (accounting for the majority of pregnancies) who are “at risk” in any way from the circulating variants of COVID, which most authorities now concede are indistinguishable from the common cold, is close to zero. It may well be zero, but there’s no way of knowing because of the dishonesty inherent in the “of or with” reporting procedure, which is still being used (AFAIK).
  • The COVID vaccines do not offer any meaningful protection. Authorities in all countries, including Taiwan, have essentially admitted as much. It is in any case logically impossible to “protect” yourself from something that presents no actual risk in the first place.

If you believe any of the above to be incorrect, then feel free to spell it out.

Well, that’d certainly be good for a laugh, wouldn’t it?

Hi guys! I notice you’re claiming, against all the evidence and just several weeks after spelling out in public that the previous jabs are ineffective, that pregnant women should be prioritized for yet another COVID jab. I note also that the jabs being offered are targeted at “XBB variant” and even by optimistic estimates offer limited protection against the JN.x variants. Just wondering if this is because you’re corrupt, incompetent, or malicious?

Yup, I’m sure that’d elicit an honest answer. If any CDC official would like to post their take on the matter here, I’d love to see it.

Funny how that isn’t happening in countries where people lost interest in magic potions somewhere around jab three, though, innit.

If people are being hospitalized for COVID, when Taiwan is one of the most heavily-jabbed countries on the planet, the most likely reason is that Taiwan is one of the most heavily-jabbed countries on the planet. You are aware, no doubt, of the research indicating immune-system disruption that makes the multiply vaccinated more vulnerable to COVID in general, and more likely to develop unpleasant symptoms if/when they contract it.

The CDC said 2.805 million doses of the XBB vaccine have been administered, with 21,000 doses administered from June 17-23. The XBB vaccination rate is 11.47%, with the first and second-dose vaccination rates for those aged 65 and above 20.74% and 1.79%, respectively.

Sounds like even Taiwanese people are, in the main, sick and tired of their endless jabs. Perhaps the end of this nonsense is in sight.


If only they had had the “updated” vaccine they could have been saved, right?

I can’t help wondering if there are some details missing (or just plain wrong) in those case reports. It’s the Taipei Times after all - not exactly renowned for accurate reporting.

The interesting bit here is that nobody’s calling for lockdowns, quarantines, mask mandates, contact tracing and suchlike, which (we were told) were absolutely critical for saving lives in 2021, with roughly-similar reported numbers of COVID patients. Wonder why not? Perhaps the CDC are still mulling?


2.75 million took the last one and they ordered 5.5 of this.

I guess they dont mind wasting money.

Edit. This message was moved from the thread talking about the order for the latest and greatest, beeter safe than sorry, vaccine.