Coronavirus Open Thread October

I understand that. My insinuation was regarding pre-existing cardiac stress.

Doctors speaking out.

Side-effects of what?

Virus, or medical treatment?

Yeah enjoy your impending lockdowns Europe
They tell you it will be 6 weeks to give you some hope. Coming up on 5 months now I think.
Economy gutted and livelihoods ruined, depression pandemic, missed healthcare appointments and indefinite surgery delays, education smashed, mass government debt while the Gestapo fines you for sitting on a park bench or forgetting your cuck muzzle. All for a fucking cold.
Thank fuck its almost summer

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For the “duh” file.

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It is an orchestrated breakdown being used for the ‘reset’ of the economy among other things like making billions for the likes of Serco.
Not for the benefit of the population although they would argue otherwise as us serfs don’t know what is best for us.

And straight from 1984:
Screen Shot 2020-10-19 at 13.29.54

About a thousand people a day are dying in Europe daily due to Covid. Normally around 15,000 die every day. So, a daily 7% increase in additional deaths.

Yes but I’m not in Europe and I have confidence in the authorities here. I will follow their guidance.

Look at Belgium and tell me they aren’t in an emergency situation ?

Now at 700 cases per 100k.

PM needs to make a decision…

The new Belgian prime minister, Alexander De Croo, had said on Friday the situation facing the country was “more serious” than it had been in March before the first nationwide lockdown.

Behind-the-scenes the government had been torn over how to respond to the spiralling number of infections. But Vandenbroucke, with the prime minister’s support, ultimately convinced sceptics in the government that social contacts in the hospitality sector had been fuelling the crisis.

“The main thing is people’s behaviour,” Vandenbroucke said. “They must understand that they must protect themselves and their loved ones, therefore respect the distance, wear the mask if there is no distance, limit the number of contacts… This is essential. I can only repeat: the virus is no one’s fault, so let’s not make one or the other feel guilty. But now, rectifying this situation is everyone’s responsibility.”

Belgium now.

Google data studio gives a better overall picture.
Total in hospital is obviously their first concern right now.

Cases only, as always. Daily deaths over 50 yet?

Look at Sweden and tell me they aren’t in a really good situation ?

But, of course, Swedish people are different.

EDIT: I didn’t notice the other graphs you’ve provided. I apologise for that. Lines are of course going up, but way below March or April.

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Hospitalisations. Their hospitals are filling up with covid patients if you look at the graphic. From 700 it’s then a quick jump to thousands infected per 100k if they don’t start serious measures. Which they are now doing.

How many Sweden’s are there so far…So far the only relative success with the 'Swedish model ’ is…Sweden

Will be interesting to see if the death rate climbs at the same rate as earlier, or lower/higher.

The big difference (apart from numbers) is that in Taiwan, you test Positive and thats when they take you off to an isolation ward in a Hospital until you are deemed to have recovered. In most other places they get sent home, told to isolate, which far too many deem to be optional unless they actually become ill and of course that just infects even more. Quarantine is also treated similarly, all ‘home isolation’ and we know how that pans out too.

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Because only Sweden has tried it.

It must be annoying for them. “What you’re doing won’t work.” “Even if it does work it’s only because you’re different”. “Nobody else has tried it which proves that what you’re doing doesn’t work.”

What’s happening in the Czech Republic…

It’s on the rise here (in Sweden) as well with more people in the hospitals. We’re not happy about it and quite concerned as our medic personnel haven’t had a chance to rest from the previous wave yet. If they get sick and/or burned out then we’re done for.

Quote from the article:

In Czech Republic, everybody hates wearing a mask, really. This is not Taiwan, this is not China where they are wearing a mask every day," said Sery.


Czech police used tear gas and a water cannon to disperse hundreds of anti-coronavirus restrictions protesters, who attacked them after a rally in Prague on Sunday.

Police rescue services said at least 20 were injured in the clashes, which erupted after a few thousand people, including football and ice hockey fans, rallied at Old Town Square to condemn the restrictions that include the ban of sports competitions and closure of bars and restaurants.

Public gatherings of more than six are also banned but up to 500 people are allowed to demonstrate if they are divided into separated groups of 20 and wear face masks.

Many of the demonstrators had no face coverings. After police said their number surpassed 500, the organisers ended the rally.

It’s the same all around the world, unfortunately…

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Has anyone noticed that India at around 7.5 million cases is fast catching up to the US’s 8.4 million cases? Very surprised to see this.