Coronavirus Poll - Stay positive!

I know there’s a lot of sick people in this forum, but I wonder if there’s any of the 100 chosen ones here:

Have you been tested of coronavirus? what was the result?

  • I haven’t been tested and I haven’t had any suspicious symptoms
  • I haven’t been tested, but I have or have had suspicious symptoms
  • I have been tested, and the test came out clean
  • I have been tested and it was positive

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Has @mad_masala become a government spy? :thinking:


I actually wake up thinking I have it every morning. But it’s just really bad allergies. Spring time is rough.

TBH I did have something fucked up at the end of CNY, fever included, but I find it highly unlikely to be that.

I had some respiratory tract symptoms last fall, but it was before Icon’s prophecy.


Missing the correct answer:


Don’t worry. Probably just the clap.

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I don’t get it :frowning:

@tando can you give me a hand here?

Don’t pretend garlic. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Communist Virus lady is appealing! :heart_eyes:

Is it too good to be true? :wink:

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I didn’t see the option for “I’m pretty sure I’m infected but I’m not telling anyone”. Surely there must be some of those.

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I’d eat her the coronas.

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