Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

I think I mentioned N95 masks earlier in this thread, and users said they are now widely available. Where can I buy them? I can see them for sale on Shopee but like many things on that site they could be fake/defective.

Do regular pharmacies stock them?

I’ve started to realise how dirty the public are, and how people are just walking disease carriers. I’ve been wearing a surgical mask everywhere for months but still managed to get severe tonsillitis. Once I have recovered I am going to start taking my approach to virus prevention more seriously. N95 mask over a surgical mask (to create a better air tight fit, and keep the mask from falling down when I talk), and a spray bottle full of ethanol on a lanyard, or carabiner. Not really scared of coronavirus, I just really hate being sick, and don’t want my infant daughter catching anything from me either.

It’s not a real correlation. It’s just a coincidence .
Could I say that Taiwan’s high rates of binglang chewing and air pollution have saved us too ?


lets continue that in the other thread - seems I was wrong about the thread I chose.

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Te li wu.


They sell 3M ones.


Will check it out, thanks!

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Yes, many seem to do. So do other stores - maybe see this thread here: Where to buy masks in Taiwan

N95 is not suitable for daily use. Wear the surgical grade mask properly and it is just as safe, as to latest studies.

Big pharmacies like Shanghai or chai stores have them N95. Make sure they are ones for medical use, not for painting or other labors. Also do not buy the ones with vents.

Most 3M like the ones in Hola are for housework repairs, not viruses. And they are made in China.

I prefer buying Taiwan made N95. Pack of 2 at the hospital was 170 ntd if I recall correctly.

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Binglang use has been dramatically reduced.

Latest news about the medical staff cases:

Apparently, doc did not go to Taimall but his girlfriend might. Still searching, tracking, contact tracing.

An ex minister criticized the doctor, asked him to be fined. His statement was met with a lot of backlash. Many explanations on tv on how risky treating critical patients is. The doctor was coming in and out of the ICU. That’s all we know.

There have been rumors of other hospitals. Those are false news. Passing them on gets you a fine of 300k.

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One South African variant patient. That’s new.

New places for the medical cases, in particular, the nurse:

PX Mart in Taoyuan, Tzu wen store
Poya Dahsu store

The difference in times is related to them using the credit card records to establish where the people went. The card company may take some time to record the transaction, hence, there was a difference in time - a few hours.


Don’t think it would be fair to fine him if he didn’t break any rules but my understanding is that in some other countries, medical staff who have direct contact with Covid patients work in shifts where they are isolated during their on shifts and only go home after they’ve been tested negative.

Might not be such a bad idea.

So more than a quarantine violation!

My understanding was that you will likely not test positive until you start to show symptoms, which could be two weeks after contracting the virus, so that would not be very useful. Is this not the case? I’m no scientist.

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The median incubation time is within 3-5 days from what I’ve read. Not suggesting that testing is the perfect solution. Clearly it’s not given the number of people who test positive before boarding flights and then test positive shortly after arrival. But I do think there’s something to the idea of being more careful about medical staff who have direct contact with patients. A bit weird to think that a doctor could be treating a patient in a negative pressure chamber at noon and sitting down to dinner with his wife and kids six hours later.

Yeah if my husband was in COVID wards all day I don’t think I’d be breaking bread with him.


Well this guy waited two days to go out.

Four more imported cases reported today—one from India, three from Indonesia, all asymptomatic:

The CDC has also been monitoring new variants on the virus coming out of Eswatini and South Africa, and has set up new quarantine regulations for arrivals from these countries:



N95 is certainly safer than surgical masks according to the vast majority of all studies. But with the very small number of cases in Taiwan at the moment, it probably does not matter

Wearing an N95 in public in Taiwan, especially as a foreigner, is a good way to ensure that nobody will violate your personal space. You’ll be treated like you have leprosy.


I’ll take twenty.

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Wearing just a normal mask works fine for me. Combined, I suppose, with my skinhead pate and withering glare.
Miserable old people avoid me like I’m a serial rapist. High school kids happily sit next to me, though. Grim, lazy little fuckers on their phones, who haven’t yet been taught how to take their backpacks off. I wouldn’t be surprised if their mums tie their shoelaces for them. If I started coughing and vomiting blood on them, they probably wouldn’t notice.