Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

I’ve heard that the numbers are higher than they’re reporting too, but welcome to the age of disinformation! Wear your mask, stay away from everyone, and wait this out

Japan’s cases and daily deaths right now are higher than they’ve ever been.

Did not see the presser but received notice from my work that TP, NTP will stop class tomorrow from high school down including daycare, buxiban, anqinban starting tomorrow until May 28th.

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I’m friends with two nurses from two different Taipei hospitals and neither of them have a case between them.


Sorry, haven’t had my coffee yet and feeling particularly stupid.

Does this include high school as well?


Either we are being lied to about cases, or lied to about how wonderful Taiwan’s health system is.

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Can’t believe its still not work from home.

Could have raging zombies prowling the streets and Taiwan bosses would be like “Start at 9”


In France we had >40/50K cases every day and many people were not working for home.

I am not saying this is the good decision, but I think we are still far from the zombie situation :wink:

And FYI I was in Paris one of the worst cluster in France but none of my friends, friends of friends or family died from corona. Few of them had a very very bad week, most like a very bad flu.

Again, I am not saying the situation is not bad(it is), but I just want people not to panic too much.


Yes it does.

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That was just on ICRT.

You might as well stop posting gossip.


Better than Korean bosses.

“Drink all night with me and then come into the office, sleep deprived and hung over at 8am.”


I was over at En Chu Kong Hospital at Sanxia this morning and the numbers were about the same as a week ago, maybe a little less. The Vaccine area, where I will be going tomorrow, had only about 10 people waiting for their shot.

Weird if you look at this thread just six days ago, how nonchalant everyone was

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No need to panic over it.

In my opinion, those that can work from home, should wfh. There’s lots of government jobs or factory jobs that need to be hands on that require people to be there in person, those are the jobs that people need to be physically at their desks/stations.

And in the space of the last week, several not so nonchalent newbies have signed up and gotten themselves sore fingers from hitting the keyboard with numerous posts.


My wife’s working from home, but she works for a Dutch company so I think they are culturally more used to modern working methods.

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Saw this in a park yesterday. Gave me a chuckle.