Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Eh guys on a pressing matter PCHome and other outlets are limiting deliveries, especially if they have to install appliances.

There goes my new A/C. :cry:


I spent all my afternoon to buy a laptop, at least the model I wanted the lead time was 8 weeks, I cannot wait. The brand only had 3 different models with lead time of 2 days.

Seems everybody is gearing up with the WFH situation.

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Told ya. Te lo dije!

Oh thank heaven. I really need a massage :wink:

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I just bought a laptop on Amazon. With that kind of lead time, why buy local?

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We were discussing that on an other thread.

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I wanted a ThinkPad Carbon Gen9, and I need to setup everything beforehand for the new job that will starts within weeks.

Maybe go visit a physical store? Win-win?

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But one more thread to follow!

It’s good to realize that Changhua is not only a city, but a huge county area.

The massage place is in Yuanlin which is kind of known for massage places.


It’s really the seedy underbelly of Taiwan keeping the COVID train running. :joy:


My spending has gone way down.

So here’s a question for the forum. If a massage parlor in Changhua that illegally remained open got busted and 6 people there already happen to have the virus, how many people really believe that we’re detecting all the cases and there are only 500 (adjusted) cases per day?


Completely agree with you, that’s what’s bothering me with all this. Many of my friends and coworkers are taking these daily numbers as gospel, and use them to validate their “Covid’s not so bad, it’s only 500 people a day out of 20 million” mentality.

Like hello??? All of this stems from one guy who went around when he wasn’t supposed to. We have to have at least 5000 or even 10000 undetected cases, considering how infectious this disease is. And all of them are walking around potentially giving it to other people!

I don’t wanna be alarmist, but people that think this will be over in a month or two are straight up delusional.


I also really need to learn how to use the reply button. See above post :rofl:

You are being alarmist. But that seems to be current tone of this thread.



Source please ?
You are giving numbers based on what ? 10k ? Why not 100k ? Please help us to understand.
And you are definitely alarmist.

@Marc-Anthony is mentioning about the number of undetected cases spread in the community. Taiwan isn’t testing enough.

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