Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

I didn’t kill anyone because I could end up in jail, no one told me I could get a reward when not killing anyone.

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Nonsense. You are rewarded in all sorts of ways, every day, all the time, for not killing people. The threat of jail is not what prevents you from doing it (or, if it is the thing that prevents you from doing it, you belong in jail, because you’re a psychopath). And not murdering people causes you no inconvenience whatsoever.

Every post of this nature confirms my belief that we now live in a post-science world in which facts are irrelevant and smartass opinions attract ‘likes’.

In any case, this is a completely inappropriate metaphor. Breaking quarantine is not even remotely equivalent to murder, particularly if you are asymptomatic and tested negative for COVID-19 (ie., you are non-infectious with a very high probability). Why can’t we just talk about the topic at hand, instead of drawing irrelevant comparisons?


Of STDs?

Coronavirus. If I was in quarantine, I don’t initially know if I have it or not. I love the country too much to risk that.

I think punishment still works for most people.


No. Infantile jokes. They’re contagious.

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Did that cover the recent taoyuan outbreak and how that was dealt with without lockdown? to me that was the most impressive part, which county’s like the UK could learn from.

Of course on the flipside, UK has done well with vaccines while taiwan hasn’t so it hasn’t been perfect.

Not sure if this is the proper place to post it but is anyone a little concerned about the recent cases here where the people tested positive a long time after they arrived?

There was a cram school teacher recently who tested positive after almost 6 months…

And now a businessman after 3 months…

Negative PCRs coming in followed by positive PCRs and IgM antibodies months later make it look like these could be local infections. Esp. for the teacher.

Taiwan can’t vaccinate soon enough and should do whatever it takes to get vaccine.

It’s just the way these tests are. They can pick up infections cleared months ago. If there was local transmission it would be picked up because there would be a cluster . Both of those people picked it up overseas.

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I have a graduate degree in the biological sciences and do science for a living so I’m well versed in how these tests are done and interpreted. Occam’s razor for repeat positive PCRs plus positive IgM is a more recent infection. Esp. when you’re talking about a period of almost 6 months.

Clinical diagnostics is a specialty discipline in itself .
When you are testing tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of people you do get some outliers.

Secondly PCR is notorious for picking up cleared infections.

Thirdly IgM is not going to always be definitive for recent infection .

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Is clinical diagnostics your profession?

Don’t worry, he grows on you.

Anyway, it looks like Covid has been out and about in Taiwan for the last 6 months and is surely about to take most geriatrics out pretty soon. I don’t fancy the chances of many members of this esteemed organ. I’m amazed any of us have survived this long.


I’ve already had it six times. Once off of a Diamond Princess passenger. Once off of a KTV hostess. Once off of some guy in the navy. Once off of an Iranian pilot. Once off of a MOS burger worker. And once off of a cram school teacher.

It’s everywhere out there. Wear your mask.


Was it worth it?

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So nice I did it twice.


For most people , maybe vast majority of people, you are correct , but remember the huge volume of tests means there will be outliers occasionally. Some people, for some reason , have atypical antibody responses. Your Occam’s razor doesn’t work well across large populations.

But there’s also the bigger problem of false positives. Cross reactivity etc. Most of these tests are at best 99 per cent specific.

Also the lack of detectable antibodies doesn’t mean 100 per cent that you weren’t infected previously.

It’s remotely possible that one or both of these cases are retaining a low level persistent infection but it doesn’t seem that they will be infective even if this is the case.

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is a Taiwanese man in his 20s who is reportedly a cram school teacher and went to the U.S. for work on Nov. 19, 2020. He then returned to Taiwan … on Nov. 22 of that year

I’m curious what work a young Taiwanese cram school teacher had for 2-3 days in the US during a pandemic.


Classic :joy:

About once every month or so right ?


I think he left out the time he visited a Taoyuan hospital. :grin: