Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Surely the reverse? To date, at least.

I may be wrong, but I think he was suggesting Taiwan is an accident waiting to happen.

Yes, but that ties in with there being no Covid here at this point in time.

Yes. No one has considered the slight, small, medium, or big possibility that when Taiwan opens up to the outside, that non-Taiwanese will have whatever immunity to COVID-19 that has been built up naturally (not through vaccine) that the Taiwanese have not built up.
Something to think about. I’m not arguing and won’t debate that it will happen, just that no one is considering that the more Taiwan (and maybe HK) lives in a secluded bubble, the worse or more dragged out its own impact from COVID-19 might be. Anyhew…

I just wanted to add that foreign residents were excluded from local covid vaccine trials. Personal experience.


You mean the immunity that comes from already having caught the virus.

That’s really a meaningless talking point. Plus no one knows what immunity anyone will have. The virus is mutating constantly. Even if you have had the virus and get vaccinated now, one year down the line you could still be vulnerable.

As usual I’m at a loss as to why people constantly try and find clouds in our silver lining.

(Not sure if that metaphor works)

There’s a lot of work going into alternative testing tech for covid. The that you need a super senstivire gold standard test…Hence still PCR…Which is so sensitive it picks up dead virus particles.

I’m not sure if tests for COVID is the issue. COVID-19 infection exists here, at a low background rate. Those papers I mentioned imply tens of thousands of (undetected) cases. Now, those papers might be wrong, but personally I don’t see any reason to doubt their validity. So the question arises: why aren’t those undetected cases spreading like wildfire? Sensitive tests will not, I think, be of much help answering that question.

Because pretending everything is fine when it probably isn’t is usually a recipe for disaster.

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Do those papers really imply that? That’s not what I saw in the conclusions. Not that I can recall them now. But I thought the gist was if there was any virus in the community it was minimal and going nowhere.

I may be wrong about the 0.25% figure; of course, that was 0.25% of the sample population, but if you assume that the sample is even approximately representative of the population at large, 0.25% is a big number. Anything other than zero is not “minimal”. You would expect exponential spread of infection, at least initially. All epidemics start with “patient zero”.

We’re 15 months into this and virus free. We’ve been over this over and over and over. Show me where the virus is.

In New Zealand and Australia the virus pops up every now and then. Usually getting out of quarantine centers.

Happened here exactly once.


Well yes, I agree, you’d expect exponential spread. Clusters linked to other clusters.

That’s my point. Where is it? Why isn’t it spreading? Because it is out there. I also don’t recall the precise details in those papers, but they absolutely weren’t finding zero cases.

Same sort of thing with NZ. How is it being contained? It strikes me that it’s not physically possible to be lucky with every single case.

The preponderance of evidence says it does not.
Yet again another claim with no real evidence to back it.

Why is covid felling Taiwanese overseas but not here, eh?

The Changhua one was a testing of medical personnel who had some degree of contact with COVID patients. The numbers that came out were so low as to be insignificant.

I don’t think you can extrapolate that the virus is out there. Just saying it is out there doesn’t make it so. Again, we’ve discussed this ad nauseum. Mask wearing alone isn’t going to keep it suppressed for a year. There’s zero social distancing. It’d spread, people would have symptoms, it’s be picked up sooner or later.

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Ah, OK. Those papers are both wrong and should have shown precisely zero cases, because Taiwan is COVID-free. Got it.

It’s incredible how scientists keep getting stuff wrong, isn’t it?

In NZ they lockdown every time it rears its head.


You re making claims that go against reality…Then you say scientists keep getting it wrong.

Interesting mentality.

Again what is so special about Taiwanese at home that they supposedly don’t get infected easily…But do get infected easily overseas ?

The same Taiwanese…Same BCG vaccines etc.

Yep and it did spread fairly quickly from that one I’m Taoyuan.

Authorities put in a huge effort to make sure it didn’t spread further quarantining I think 8000 ppl and temporarily shutting down the hospital ?