Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

The foreign affairs police who calls during the quarantine. I would prefer to take the test too, even if self paid.

I have never seen this mentioned anywhere. And they really cannot control it either. Sounds to me a bit like misinformation. What about people having only one bed in a small flat? That’s impossible.

The officer was very strict and said not intimate contact whatsoever, do not eat on the same table as them even if individual plates.

Btw: the officer said this was based on a new guideline update from last week. Also, during the 7 day self monitoring not allowed to eat in restaurants. Need to go back home to eat.


Because coronavirus may naturally evolve to have longer incubation periods to spread more easily during lockdowns and through quarantine barriers eventually I guess.

Well yes the no Restaurants is clearly in the FAQ. But the no contact isn’t at all.

Also the always if outside wear mask… Actually what happens during the 7 days if thes cannot reach you? I thought best thing is go hiking and camping. But likely then I will disappear from network… But cannot meet anyone that way if far enough away from civilization. Just stock up well before. To be strictly following the guidelines then means only eat inside tent. Haha

Also you are allowed on public transport. Impossible to keep 2m distance there…

I’ve done quarantine twice. There’s about a day-and-a-half of lag time between when you enter and when you are in the system. Plenty of people, so I understand, use this time to get on the HSR or get groceries.

I’m not talking about people cheating the system before quarantine. I got SMS and call on first day… so I was in the system.

See question 50:

Would be very strange if not mentioned here …

  • the most important part except clarifications - translated by google translate:
    A2. Maintain the habit of washing hands frequently, implement respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette, and take body temperature every morning/night.
  1. If you don’t have any symptoms, you can live normally, but you should try to avoid going to public places, postpone non-urgent medical treatment or inspection, and if you need to go out, you should strictly observe the wearing of a medical mask throughout the process.

Q4. Can I go out for meals, dinners, or parties during the autonomous health management period?
A4. Since it is not possible to wear masks during meals, you should avoid eating out during the autonomous health management period. It is recommended that you can take out food and return home as soon as possible; gatherings or gatherings are for communication Occasionally, it is difficult to wear a mask all the way, and it is difficult to avoid close conversations, which is a risk of infection. Therefore, gatherings or gatherings are prohibited during the autonomous health management period.
Q5. Why is it forbidden to participate in large-scale activities during the period of independent health management?
A5. Large-scale activities have the characteristics of a large number of participants, not easy to maintain social distance, and close contact with unspecified people. Once a suspected case or group event occurs, it will increase the difficulty of epidemic prevention , Considering that although the risk of infection of autonomous health managers has been reduced, they still cannot be completely exempted. Therefore, it is prohibited to participate in large-scale events during the autonomous health management period.
Q6. Can an autonomous health manager go to a supermarket or supermarket to buy things?
A6. If an autonomous health manager does not show any symptoms, he can live a normal life. When entering a supermarket or supermarket, he must wear a mask all the way, but these places are easy and unspecific Close contact with people. If the place is crowded and it is difficult to maintain social distance, you should avoid entering or leaving as soon as possible to avoid staying for a long time.

I was told not to use public transport, restaurants, meet up with friends and family and to also wear a mask at all times outside my house during the 7 days after quarantine


Bunch of people in my LINE had sent this list of allegedly affected hospitals a couple of days ago. Today I saw this, went to check the chats…all erased the list! :rofl:

Fine them all

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So strange - because they have this video:

And the FAQ I linked which was added just a couple of days ago. Maybe they have some misunderstanding in their office. Because it explicitly states that if you have fever/symptoms THEN your are not allowed to take public transport.
And it contradicts with you can live a normally except…

I’m out tomorrow Morning - so far no-one called me today to tell me any instructions. Lets see. They only called me every two days anyhow…
(most people here at the hotel leave at 24:00 - so not any minute longer than necessary. Straight back to their families I guess)

Thanks for the video! definitely could be a misunderstanding. I think I will avoid public transport just to be on the safe side.

Ah, congrats on your release! I’m on day 2 at the moment. I had my care package today and the girl who dropped it off couldn’t stop giggling on the phone, too nervous about speaking English I guess.

This document is also interesting - difference between: Rules for enhanced self-health management and regular self-health management

It lists in more detail what they understand under crowded places in the enhanced period: And you are prohibited from going to crowded places (such as markets,
nightclubs, night markets, department stores, restaurants, tourist attractions, etc.).

And no - I still have 3:49 hours to go (plus will leave in the morning not during the night). They have never called me after 20:00 or before 11:00. And I actually didn’t even get a text yet regarding the self health management (arrived on the 01.01).

I would be bailing out and running as soon as the release was available, just in case there is some stuff-up like there was in Brisbane the other day. Virus ‘leaked’ from a Quarantine Hotel, so all the residents got moved out to another and to add further insult, had the 14 day clock restarted - some were an hour short of release when the Cops banged on their door with the news.


I left mine the minute the clock hit twelve, then they sent me back up because I left their thermometer in my room and the criteria for checking out was returning it back.

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Seems that they are satisfied that the 100 or so “detainees” pose no further threat and all are being released today.

So this is in Australia, right? It’s alarming to see this in the Taiwan thread!



The real test for Taiwan will be when they actually start to get a lot of incoming cases due to CNY. Up to now, they have only had to deal with a few cases a day (25 max I believe?) and have therefore been able to cope. We will soon see if Taiwan’s chabuduoness will cost them their ‘COVID free’ title when locals return in mass.

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It will be an interesting few weeks. Last Chinese New Year (2020) there was still relatively feee movement. I’ve heard anecdoteally of people not properly quarantining. i.e. just staying at home with existing family, who themselves are still out and about. It would only take one infection in that situation to spark a cluster.

Taiwan is lucky in the fact that if there was an outbreak, the R number would be so low due to almost everyone wearing masks that the virus would probably burn itself out. There may have already been outbreaks that simply burnt themselves out due to being unable to spread effectively. That would explain the locally transmitted cases at the start of the year.

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