Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Yes that’s the one I was thinking of.

But how would you account for the lack of random patients showing up with severe illness and requiring hospitalization over the last several weeks? That hasn’t happened, right?


Not sure, where do we find data related to the severity of patient condition?

Where’d you get that idea, @theyouhan? We’re #2 after Bangladesh and most people concentrated in the coastal plains. Other metro areas are equally dense I’m sure, but I doubt we lose to anyone.

I made sweeping generalizations, so yeah I might be technically wrong. But I’m also from a country where slums are beside rich people villages, so that’s the idea I got in my head when I said that.

No idea. I was thinking more that if some random elderly people with severe illness had started showing up at clinics and hospitals, in between dancing classes and day trips, the 5th or 6th physician would have had a eureka moment and thought to test them for coronavirus.


My memory’s not so good (especially about this stuff, 'cause I’m not sure I wanna remember too much about it), but didn’t we have some fairly hairy stuff happen last year?


Far Eastern Hospital has a cluster that currently stands at 7. It stemmed from a patient who had visited a Wanhua teahouse:


Yes, and the navy debacle.

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The volume of people on the road an cars/scooters in the parking lot seems has been cut down to a fourth.

I actually got denied the request to work from home and currently sitting in an office with multiple people not wearing masks. I might as well just run naked into any of those tea houses at this point.


The fact that the elderly shed more virus particles and certainly go out a lot here makes me think there hasn’t been much spread, even if it has been present and quietly infecting people. Especially since it’s still still about 98% of the people not wearing masks being men over the age of 50. They’d be catching it from their grandchildren and spreading it their wives. And we’d have seen something before the Novotel cluster


whoever runs that office should be fired


Live presser now.

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“Hello, 1999? Yea I’d like to report my coworkers for not following the mask mandates”. I’m sure your boss would get a warning call from the health department the moment you hung up the phone. Please do it. This isn’t a joke


I don’t mean to make light of your situation, but I couldn’t help but crack up when I read that last sentence. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what to say, except stay as safe as you can.


Right now we are on track of the 4 day doubling rate. If this hospital thing spreads, we are likely going to be getting closer to a 3 day doubling rate.

So far, it looks like we are definitely going to see 2,000 total accumulated cases by Wednesday, if not 2,200

It appears more accurate to say that we’re sitting at about a 10% positive rate that rises as testing does.

The 10% positive rate was only in Wanhua. More than 8000 tests were done yesterday.


Although currently they are just screening people who might have contacts with confirmed cases. If they drastically ramp up testing at this point, that 10% would definitely plummet. It is more a reflection of the current screening methodology.