Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

True true.

Maybe they have bigger stuff to worry about?

Look they chased down people fishing at the pier in Tamsui. Why?

  1. People are supposed to go out as little as possible.

It is human nature to stop to chat…

  1. The rest of reasons…
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So…are we at level 4 unofficially?

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If not, there might soon be way more people fishing…

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Let’s shut down parks as well. People seem to congregate.

They have tried that’s why all the benches, gym equipment and playground equipment are cordoned off.


What’s the purpose of roping off pavilions and covered open-spaces in parks, but not uncovered benches picnic tables? They are open-air, and the virus is not transmitted outside with social distance.


Guy developed symptoms on May 14. Went to the doctor 10 (!!!) times before anyone got the idea he might have the virus.

More issues with people who were potentially exposed at a workplace (the NTC tax office) not being informed promptly of their potential exposure so that they could isolate.

Is it too early to say the emperor has no clothes? This is a hot mess.


Same purpose as the street spraying that’s apparently going on? Other countries did these things a year ago, so now Taiwan should do them too, even though we now know they actually don’t make a difference. May as well repeat everyone else’s mistakes.

Mildly in Taiwan’s defense, the amount of park space here is relatively low, so if a significant number of people head for the parks it’ll be hard to maintain social distance.

I’m curious what’s going to happen with the Danshui waterfront and how much of that may be roped off. I hope zero. I fear more.


:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

To that point, an article from a year ago

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And taking temperatures? COVID-19 symptoms manifest differently than SARS.

Btw, did you understand that I was being sarcastic on masks?

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Yeah, I really really really hope that events over the next few weeks change my opinion, but I’m increasingly developing the impression that, about a year ago, the government put plans in place and then hasn’t looked at or developed or done anything with those plans since. And now they’re all being dusted off. “Oh, what?! They invented vaccines out there?! Cool, let’s get us some of those!” “Wait, bubble … like, bubble tea? What are they talking about?” “Look at this, they’ve got testing procedures for this thing now!”


Is it me, or has this thread become incomprehensibly useless?

Hard to even find useful information in this thread.

Maybe there could be a

  • Covid Taiwan Official Information and News thread
    and a
  • Covid Taiwan discussion thread

I’m just trying to navigate not getting covid.


Second the motion.


It is not just you.


It is not just you too.

I ran out of likes.

They show these pathetic images on the news, the kids basically running the joint, making a mess. I can’t understand how parents can be so controlling of their kids lives - force them to study to get into certain schools and certain professions- but have no real authority over them. Only two modes: ignore or scream wildly at them in anger and fury.

I am trying to search if I already pasted today’s chart for New Taipei cases… No idea… Too tired to remember…too tired to make sense of this mess…

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Are people allowed to take private classes of any thing? Like 1-on-1 in person language classes, or sport coaching, personal trainer etc? Only 1 on 1? Does anybody know?