Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Taiwan isn’t like the US, where there are a plethora of choices and paths to choose from. As an island state it is already limited in development. Even in the US you see people ushering into science / engineering / medicine, or finance. There isn’t a robust financial industry here either, which I think we all have a story that we can tell.

I estimate that for the next few days numbers will be <1000 total / day. That’s the throughput.


I don’t think that has been thought of yet!

Yeah, feel free to start anything you like and I will try my best to keep it focused. This is more of an open convo thread, anything about “Corona in Taiwan” is on topic (unless there’s an obviously more relevant thread and something like that starts to dominate things here).


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I think the admins can just add a locked thread with just the totals, but that could get really boring without the talk.

Also, Watching how taiwanese parents just put a phone in the hands of toddlers just so they stay quiet shows much less parental knowledge and patience with children people lack here. Raising children is tough and working from home with children is tough too but People should not think about convinience in such a time. I would chose safety over convinience anytime

It is. They won’t announce it officially because that would cause a disaster economically. But it is maybe a level 3.8 now.

It’s pretty easy to find out the totals almost anywhere, isn’t it?

I think it’s easy too, but I think some people would benefit if the latest figures are translated into English (eg did someone invested go near my city/town). Not that I need it…

I don’t disagree with the sentiment, but it’s not “taiwanese parents.” You’ll see this from a good percent of modern parents in any area of the world.


In the Western world too!

My grandma asked me yesterday if there was an issue with child abuse in Taiwan (She was taking about interacting with my 1.5 year old cousin, who has been trapped in a world of giants his “whole life” due to COVID, she didn’t ask out of the blue).
I didn’t really know what to say. I responded by saying that I don’t really agree with a lot of parenting styles, but I don’t think I’d chalk a lot of it up to child abuse (though there is plenty of beating of children and we have some families that don’t make sure their children have clean clothes or eat breakfast before coming to school in the morning, despite the fact that there could not possibly be a financial issue with those families).
Monkey see, monkey do. New parents see other parents ignoring their children while they run into the road or handing their phones to their toddlers, what other modeling do you have? I’m not going to say it’s unique to Taiwan, but I most certainly see it as more of an issue in Taiwan the US. But it’s bad everywhere.

And lockdowns have drawn attention to everyone on Earth how much responsibility teachers and other non-parent caregivers have for children and why you really do need the village.

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Indeed. How many times we have seen the accidents that happen when kids are unsupervised by their grandparents.

Or they grow up to be entitled, selfish pricks!

I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of issue everywhere. If I’m wrong, sign me up.

I think we really need the village for just about anyone too. Just take a look at how rapidly we have strayed away from towns and villages, and how that has affected our health, relationships, etc.

Someone dies inside their home of COVID and no one bats an eye until days later…

It is a matter of perspective. For me, from a third world country, Taiwan is a land of almost unlimited choices. Heck, you can open your own cafe with little money and many people are happy with that.

But I have friends who in this day and age force choices on their kids. They want them to be public officials at all costs, for example. They think that is the golden ticket, because they will have money to retire… Kid wants to be a chef, has real natural talent. Parents mock him saying he will end up flipping sausages at a night market. But if that makes them happy, so what?!

I met at least 10 people in college who were studying to fulfill their parents’ wishes, not their abilities or interests. A couple graduated, handed in their degrees to their parents and went their own way. Most didn’t. Married whom them were told to marry and worked for daddy.

Choices are only limited, in my third world mind, by money and social class. In Taiwan being beisheng or waishengren, then maybe hakka or aboriginal, might also limit choices. But mostly money, which is the access to education, or rather, testing. Tests were considered the equalizer factor, but if you see the test results, test content and delivery, it is obviously stilted.


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Maybe part of it has to do with the limited opportunities Taiwan offers. In the US, you can be a cleaning the floors (not saying it is bad), and live reasonably comfortably. But in Taiwan, you would be having a little trouble making ends meet.

I think we all like Taiwan for it’s convenience. But that convenience comes at a cost when Taiwan is already a “M” shaped society like bimodal distribution. One Taiwan, two different worlds. I remember reading (yes, in English) somewhere where someone wrote if you work in Hsinchu Science Park, your future is bright; if you depend on cleaning toilets, your future on Taiwan is dim.

Now with education system change, I’m not sure it’s getting better either.

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Isn’t that what the “Nationwide: Level 3…” thread is for? Like official announcements and no chatting?

I know this thread is long and meandering, but obviously this topic is on a lot of people’s minds at the moment.