Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

I thought they posted stuff at the top of forumosa!

It’s more specifically about Level 3-related rules, restrictions, etc.

The education system hasn’t/isn’t changing. They changed the names of some things and passed some laws and made more work for teachers and admin, but nothing at all has been done to shift the focus away from mindless testing.

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It may not have changed for you, but the system went through a major overhaul for students. You can tell when you start to hear stuff like A+++. And now there’s the question whether to continue affirmative action.

For a country that’s so focused on testing, it would be great if they could get COVID testing fixed.


South Korea was able to do it!

Even the United States, a non-historically test-oriented country, was able to do it!


On these days of plague, I keep thinking about my neighbors. There are 6 people living in the same space -same apartment layout- as me. 3 generations under a rented roof. Grandpa and grandma retired, taking care of kids, one toddler, one barely in kindergarten. 3 young adults working hard. Dad drives beaten scooter, mom takes early MRT.

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The parents demand more testing and actually turn a blind eye to abuse at school “because that is how they grew up with”. Sigh…

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This shows how hard it’s going to be for TW to stop this thing (before enough vaccines arrive) because of large, multi-generational households.

All it takes is 1 family member to catch the virus and everyone in the household will be infected.


Holy cow.

Which is, of course, why “lockdowns”, public mask wearing, etc. are largely ineffective. They alter who gets infected. Not how many.

Anyway, as you were. Carry on panicking.

LOL. I’m in the US with my vaccine chillin like a villain.


Best place to be right now, I suspect.

Anyway, that was “you” in the plural :slight_smile:

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Why? People crammed together in a house not wearing masks should be expected to get sick at a much higher rate, no?

Honestly they should just do away with masks outdoors.

Sure mask in any indoor space, but outdoors??

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Well, yes. I was going to suggest that lockdowns can make things worse - depending on circumstances - and there’s plenty of research to that effect.


It will be impossible to stop it in Taiwan. Here is an example from my own family. Big sis and her husband have been posting on line all week about separating the families (4 different housholds). Proudly dropping stuff outside Mom’s house. Contactless delivery to the oldies. We get a phone all today to ask us if we want something from a bakery in ximen. The big sis has taken the oldies on a day trip to the dept stores and various other shops. Might go Costco too, they said. Taiwanese families will not be able to separate from their elders, even if they live separately.


Those people are going to be home anyway though, a lot of the time. If one gets sick, they’ll still all be home more than enough.

They are not largely unaffected. They would still help to some degree in “containing” and keeping the virus in one home and not spreading it somewhere. There is no way to avoid virus transmission in homes in Taiwan but level 4 lockdown and having one person of the house going out with mask would help in some way to reduce the virus flow from one household to many. Why let people roam around and to bring virus home anyway


As far as I can tell from trawling through the publications on the subject, it really makes little difference overall. Patterns change. Numbers don’t. The basic point is that people are always in one place at any given time, and they’re usually interacting with somebody. If you want to reduce transmission, you want people to spend as much time in circumstances where (a) they’re more likely to take precautions and (b) the probability of transmission is inherently low. That combination of circumstances does not exist in the home, so you want people there as little as possible.