Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

As I’ve pointed out several times, there is no such thing as a “level 4 lockdown”. It’s a hypothetical fiction that, in practice, would be so full of holes it would not have the effect that you believe it would.

It appears to me that the government is trying to avoid such a thing by fudging the case numbers. And that’s the right thing to do.

You are not wrong.

There was rumors of a level 4 lockdown in NTC and the NTC mayor basically quashed that rumor and said it’s fake news.

As a whole, people are idiots. We can’t control the actions of others, but let’s be prudent to protect ourselves and others. I’ll share my experience, for what it’s worth.

  • I basically am either alone at home or alone in my office (online teaching, which I actually enjoy; the uni kids actually have better attendance and respond well to Kahoot and will interact well if given notice of what is expected).
  • I visit one 7-11 per day for all my supplies (sealed foods which are microwaved, after work. With prepping, research, paperwork, that is generally after midnight.
  • I put 3000 NT more at a time onto my i-cash card to avoid touching money as much as feasible. Otherwise, prepare exact change. I withdrew about 40k in advance.
  • Carry a spray bottle of alcohol everywhere and use liberally.
  • Just today paid all possible bills in advance, got three months of meds and visited a few other places where I had errands that needed my attention (all while wearing an N95, non-vented)
  • use an easy QR Code Reader saved on my home screen [] – Android – everywhere and carry my own pen
  • Asked nurses today to open the door for me and spray down my 健保卡 after touching it (not exactly to their delight)
  • Cancelled all face-to-face interactions, meaning no AC repair, busted MOD (told them to deliver a new box that I would pick up from our building “guards” as noone is allowed in my house. My best friend took offence at that, even when I said I would really a year if necessary.
  • Buy new face masks with cute designs on a bi-weekly basis; basically I have enough for a year at this point, including about 100 N95, R95, N99. I have shared these with coworkers and students.
  • No binge hoarding, as there’s no apparent need to do so. It’s also unfair.

All that is what I can do myself. Pretty much self-isolation. Nevertheless, you can’t control other people.

Reporting from GaGee (嘉義):

Government offices were well protected (masks + face shields). Shopping center the same, even asked to see if clicked “send” after scanning. I appreciated that!

Small, family-operated businesses, different story (in fact, different library).
Case in point, wearing my N95, I visited a favorite restaurant. Interesting experience.

  • posted no indoor dining, no use of public toilets (on the face, all in line with city regulations – which are reasonable even though we have need than ten cases so far)
  • Caught one cook putting on her mask as I approached. The others were already masked up. Gave her the benefit of the doubt
  • Two older dudes came in a blue truck. No masks at all. Entered the restaurant and were delivering produce. Nobody said anything. I watched to make sure they didn’t get near my food. One maskless bloke struck up a conversation with me a few feet away :grimacing:. Well, basically, I pussied out.
  • The lady who was not wearing a mask before I arrived was lamenting the fact we had new cases in the city today said she was afraid to check the news. Ironic?
  • They said most of their business is now through FoodPanda, which pockets 30% of the total sale, in addition to charging customers a premium.
  • As my first “excursion” in a few weeks (yes, I’ve been paranoid), I noticed that the maskless folk are almost all elderly. Many businesses shuttered. Some, mostly middle-aged women, wearing plastic face shields outdoors.

It’s serious everywhere. I believe, based on my own research and peer-reviewing breaking scientific reports in the field of COVID public health on a weekly basis, that the true number of cases is grossly underestimated and that community transmission is already beyond our control. Whether or not we go into lockdown, I suggest we all just watch out for ourselves and others. It’s easy say this as an obvious geek. For those of you with families, my sincere prayers are with you.


No. No no no no no no

The fact that you are here willingly expressing an opinion that disagrees with the party in power shows that democracy is here.

I’d be very surprised if a government run by humans was perfect 100% of the time. If we only have to suffer for 2/16 months, then I say we’re OK.

You could have spent the last 14 months in the mess that was insert country name here


No but their amateurness could create misunderstandings that provoke an invasion. Kind of like letting a prostitute’s baby drive a car. Purer than the mother but can do a lot of damage behind the wheel.


You’re not afraid consuming this much 小七 food is going to destroy your immune system? :grimacing:


Seems the whole thing has gone political.
end of day the common man suffers.
no vaccine due to grandstanding.


But but but but! @Dr_Milker

People been tellin me it’s so easy and the government didn’t do enough, and if the government simply just ‘worked harder’ then we would have had the vaccines.

Could they be wrong?


TAIWAN FAIL. Why is the Taiwan Health Minister getting involved in politics? He should stop.

Why would Taiwan get political about the situation when Taiwanese need this vaccine?

They should stop talking about it and being political if it’s other than China and get the damn vaccine.

I’m losing confidence in the Taiwan management of this situation come on.


The BnT drama would be a lot more important if BnT was the only game in town. But it’s not. There are other vaccines. TW could have ordered more Moderna, earlier. It could have ordered more AZ. It could have looked at J&J. Heck, what about Sputnik?

At this point, TW is just making itself look bad. Where was the government’s public outrage over the BnT situation when it happened? Might it be that TW was so overconfident it would be able to keep the virus out that it didn’t prioritize vaccines?


It’s like they’ve learned nothing by seeing 1.5 years of data from other countries.

Shutting down playgrounds
Forcing masking outdoors
Chasing away people fishing outside

That’s OK, they will all hang out with their extended families indoors as well as hang out at work all day


Good observation. Honestly speaking, the 小七 habit was pre-COVID. 14+ hour days, and my obsessive approach to work/research leaves me few options (given my lack of willingness to make compromises). On my list of risk factors for immunodeficiency, diet is only one of several interrelated lifestyle issues. Thus, I tend to overemphasize implementing as many protective measures as possible. Ideally, a work-life balance would be prioritized, but pressure to establish tenure is still the primary stressor influencing my skewed decision-making :confused:. I suppose that many of us in academia tend to adopt this faulty logic as a survival mechanism amidst shrinking attainment opportunities.


Because China makes everything political and has already sabotaged Taiwan’s efforts at safety in this plague.

If you want to leave sovereignty issues aside, you are still asking to let go of control. And that, with Chinese hands in the middle, is dangerous and a recipe for disaster. Think evacuation flights. Or floating dead pigs.

Moreover, it is not as if we do not have other vaccines or that those vaccines are coming in to save the day. Normal procedures dictate filing applications, testing. With Moderna, it took a couple of months. Let’s say we speed this up, maybe a month. By then we will have enough vaccines we have verified the quality and delivery and will hopefully be on the road to recovery.

One politician did bring up the coincidence that a certain batch of vaccines is expiring/about to expire in Hong Kong. I’d laugh my head off if an expired batch would be sent here. But it won’t be beyond Chinese interests to do so.

Those same Chinese interests have gone behind the government’s back before to skip procedure and purchase Chinese tests illegally as well as endangering the population by taking quarantined people out of isolation improperly.

Finally, they are forcing this deal with mafia support. If they have the people’s best interests in mind, why do they need that kind of support?

Again, Taiwan government has purchased vaccines and the development of local ones is going well. The trickling of doses delivered is not their fault, but a worldwide situation in all places that do not produce their own vaccine. Only a handful of countries, maybe even one or two, have enough to spare and hoard. Right now, we are in a bit of trouble but it is not the fear and panic of 2003.

We need to cooperate, keep the situation under control a month or so. We can turn the tide without complicating matters by getting China involved.


Unfortunately the mess we’re in will take more than a month to deal with. Based on what we’ve learned from other countries’ vaccine rollouts, there simply isn’t enough vaccine coming to TW in the near term to get immunity to levels that make a huge difference.

Getting doctors, nurses and other key groups vaccinated should be the biggest priority as everything falls apart if essential services infrastructure collapses.


Normal people (like those on this forum who lined up to get AZ) and locals 20-40 yrs old probably won’t be seeing their turn at the jab until autumn or later.


Drop the like.

…which is being done. First line medical workers, cops, those dealing with patients will form a sort of barrier.

Then we have the focus on Taipei area, the most problematic area.

Slowly because we are in a hurry.

That doesn’t make much sense. The virus is already spreading in the community, and the vast majority of interactions occur between family members, co-workers, friends, random strangers etc., not with medical staff or police. This won’t form a barrier. It’ll just, maybe, on the time scale of weeks or months, help keep essential services running for longer.

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