Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

Hmm, good idea!

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So I went twice, and I remember now that the second time I didn’t buy anything because both the things I needed weren’t available. The first time I went the QR thing wasn’t out yet so I can’t find the number that way either. I’ll try ringing them, aaaaaand no answer, that’s great.

@au is there any database to look up stores CDC 代碼 numbers?

Do you have Google location history enabled?


Nope, no Google services on my phone :slight_smile:

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How about trying to match up the other numbers with the fapiaos to rule them out? Could be feasible, assuming you know roughly which day(s) you went and you don’t go to dozens of locations.

You’re probably pretty safe anyway, yeah? Are you desperate to know exactly when you went?

Work ends in 4 minutes, then I’ll have a look

When the SMS is sent to 1922, it includes the Store No that was in the QR Code that you scanned - its a 15 digit number, and the ones that I have are different in each case as would be expected.

It’s a whole family

Turns out the positive case went to the Carrefour the two days before I went, so I’m good.


I think it’s going to be hard (and increasingly hard) to avoid situations like this in the coming months. Not to mention all the undiagnosed people we won’t know about.


Basically the QR codes are just that, QR codes.

I think the QR codes (more realistic) are an alternative system to the contact app that we have on our phones.

There you go.


What am I looking at here?

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Its a more reliable system since the App requires the Covid19 positive person to both have the App and to self report his or her positive status. I’m guessing that the majority of these over 50s don’t have the app and won’t be reporting.

At least with the QR code the CECC should be tracking down people that were in the store at the same time.


I the positive person is positive, he/she got tested and the government knows and he/she needs to be in quarantine.

Do you just like arguing with my posts, this has nothing to do with what I wrote.

I was talking about the limitations of the contact tracing App which requires that the user self report after getting a positive test in order for it to work. Nothing about quarantine.

A positive person shouldn’t be outside, period. Therefor the app is not what it’s supposed to be.

I had put the translation up there somewhere. Basically a district by district case chart for New Taipei.

For example, Xindian only had 2 cases. If they did 200 tests at Cardinal Tien hospital’s testing site, that’s not bad.