Coronavirus - Taiwan 2021

The ones that have the ‘crazy commie’ gene inserted?

So, if lots of elderly Taiwanese decide that Vaccination is Optional and thus they don’t bother, the borders stay shut to many students and all Tourists.

Problem much more likely to be lack of vaccine supply than lack of desire to be vaccinated

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Can we have a site-wide policy of not linking to anything written by Brian Ho? He’s the worst part of Twitter in Taiwan. A snarky little shit that spends half his waking hours harassing three people on the platform.

He’s so unbearable it makes me miss J. Michael Cole.

Why would we want to muzzle Brian Hioe? Taiwan Twitter beefs are good entertainment.


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Production of vaccines worldwide is ramping up.

I agree that IF the Taiwan authorities wait for a vaccine developed in Taiwan, it will indeed take time.

I remain cautiously optimistic that the we won’t wait that long—please!



Didn’t the shiba guy already say they will allow tourists again after 60% of the population are vaccinated? That’s not going to take very long.

There might be a vaccination delay right now but it’s only a matter of time until we have enough of them, England already has a surplus and is planning on donating to other countries. And i don’t see taiwan fannying about with it after its started. I’m calling it now, i think taiwan is going to be vaccinated before England.



Perhaps. On the other hand, I personally don’t put much faith in the current vaccines given the seemingly endless possible mutations. I would definitely “opt out” of any vaccine unless my employer forced it upon me. Don’t label me as an anti-vaxxer, or whatever the name for that overzealous group is, but getting a relatively new shot with unverified side effects is more risky than proper hygiene, masking up, and the absolute lack intimacy in my pitiful life :disappointed_relieved:

The vaccines that are scheduled to arrive in Taiwan (i.e. NOT the ones from China or Russia) have now been administered to millions of people. In addition, the J&J vaccine (not currently on order in Taiwan) has performed brilliantly in preventing serious illness in the three stages of trials with hundreds of thousands of people. You would NOT be some kind of experimental guinea pig.

But the bigger point is that our lives over the next while will not be a matter of this OR that. It’ll be a combination of vaccines AND the important things you mentioned: continuing to wash hands and mask up etc.

Put plainly: I think we are able to walk and chew gum at the same time. Doing so will help us to try to get out of this pandemic faster.



Sound advice. Perhaps my fears are irrational. But I’m still wary. I don’t even like to get flu shots. I just think there must be quite a few people who share my fears. For the sake of those who trust the vaccines, I do hope we can get access quickly. And, if a “vaccine passport” type of system was implemented, it would be hard to reject the chance if it meant being able to visit family :cry:

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It’s normal to feel wary.


Don’t wary too much. Everything will be finite in the morning.


It’s a perfectly normalise situation, no need to be on guardian.

At this rate it will take 10 months.

If you don’t want to travel international.

Latest vaccination priority group classification (as of 02/26)

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December for me!

Maybe foreign representative offices could start vaccinations for their citizens? Diplomatic mail goes fast.

I am not aware of any country doing this and several which have explicitly stated that they will NOT do this. But your home country might of course be an exception