Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

If a power failure is newsworthy, that means power failures aren’t something that happens often.

Power failures are so commonplace in Canada that they don’t even punish people because they’re accepted as a fact of life. I had four in the 6 weeks I was there.


There’s an advert in that page with the banner “International Compliance Tips”. They’re talking about standards compliance, of course, but it struck me as funny under the circumstances.

They will have scheduled cuts when doing construction for the MRT. Things like that.

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16 + 51 = 67 and no deaths.
Of the 51, 16 tested positive at the Airport, and the other 35 in Quarantine.


Hmmn… local number creeping up again last couple days.

By two!


Head for the hills! Cover yourself in clingwrap!


I mean over the last few days (it was single digits for a few days earlier in the week). I don’t care that much; it’s just an observation.

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Most likely will be like NZ and HKG. Will keep like this for sometime and then eventually a few strains are not caught in time and things just exploded after which its impossible to go back.

That’s the only end game.

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Omicron has to beat the CDC. I hope it does ASAP.


Yes, please. This purgatory thing is getting really old.


Be careful what you wish for. While longterm (i.e: 6 months plus later) that might be a good thing, short term the CECC and local Mayors will overreact and make life hell. If there’s thousands of cases a day I wouldn’t put it past them to sentence us to indefinite Level 4 until … well, who knows what the “until” would be. We’re stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Might as well have this happen while the weather sucks.


Are they the ‘wild’ ones?

No, there’s never a good time for Level 3/4. :-1: Especially if you’re a parent with young children. My hope is Chen says as long as deaths/hospitalizations don’t increase if there’s a mass outbreak then there won’t be any leveling up with restrictions. I put the chances of that between slim and none, especially with him eyeing being the Taipei Mayor and an important election coming up in November. Plus, even if he did, the local Mayors don’t care and will act unilaterally (also with their main priority being the elections).

Sometimes you’re just screwed either way.


Of course not, but if you have to choose, obviously now better than later.

Wait, are you saying all this has little to do with COVID or science, and has more to do with willy-waving and political games? :popcorn: