Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Feb-Mar 2022

I still see very low QR code scanning. I wonder why. I will go further and submit that smaller crowds where scanning is unavoidable are partly due to people not wanting to be connected to a positive case and then having to deal with the consequences. Heading to Din Tai Fung soon. I wonder if I’ll experience less crowds there.

Let us know if they enforce QR code or sign in.

Shops are in trouble if they are found with customers who didn’t comply.


Yes, they’re enforcing it. And also before you enter the Sogo parking lot: qr code and temperature check.

Edit: Not very crowded for a Saturday almost noon. I’m convinced this tracing is scaring people away. Also fear of the virus.


I’d love to see some kind of poll about what most people in Taiwan are more concerned about. The hassle of catching the virus, or being a close contact, is something I do worry about. The actual virus, not so much.

Which could work towards an indirect goal I wouldn’t be totally opposed to, of not exactly stopping spread, but slowing it down.


When I QR code the, presumably, Taiwanese people who weren’t going to QR code immediately do. It’s funny.


People are doing what everyone else does. If they don’t see anyone else doing it, they’re not going to bother either. If they see others doing it, they will do it.

It’s the same with hand washing in public restrooms. If I am scrubbing my hands with soap at the sink and I make eye contact with someone that was planning on skipping the process all together, suddenly everyone else is making their way toward the soap dispenser. If I keep my head down and pretend not to notice, there are a lot more people that sprinkle some water on their hands and walk out, ensuring more germs are on their hands than if they had just walked out without wetting them at all.


Another fun thing, at least in my arguably sad opinion, to do is adjust your mask when you’re walking outside. People will mimic you.


pretty hefty fine if they review the cameras to see who was there and you didn’t scan in.

is this talking about Chen running for mayor?

why does the media going on about him running for mayor? he keeps denying it.

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8 + 65 = 73 and no deaths.
Of the 65 - 31 positive at the Airport, 34 in Quarantine.


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Businesses should sue the government for being shut down and having to invest in useless screens.


Apeshit scared people will sue the hell out of the clinic and the doctor personally.

Surely he got it from one of them?

In the rest of the western world businesses were (over)compensated for closures.

I couldn’t find any mention on those fines in the article. Nor how they found out about the people? Care to elaborate?

Depends on what kind of business.

If youre a big bank or big corp, sure.

SME’s? Not a chance.

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Depends on the country. In Austria for example 80 percent turnover from year before was handed out e.g. to bars and restaurants. That was without providing expenses…
So many businesses just stayed closed citing that the conditions with passes and reduced seats weren’t possible for them to open.
Plenty of new luxury cars for hotel owners (the first Delta Cluster were ski hotel owners returning from a December golf trip to South Africa… If their hotels are open none spends December in South Africa…). Plenty of businesses renovated their premises.
Friend of mine been Airbnb renting out flats. Since 2 years he is receiving money and returned the rented flats… Damn hard to find a better gold mine.

Tough luck forever for another friend who just opened a new business in December before pandemic hit. No turnover, no money, loads of costs so bankruptcy.

Oh yeah and high court decided closed businesses don’t pay rent. However no need to pay back rent subsidies that were taken before…so even better for them. They were kinda just looking how to spend money or invest in order not to have record profits… But yeah all that money printed.needed to be pocketed. Public debts have exploded will take 20-30 years to pay back (aka known as never)

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Asked if he feels qualified to run for mayor, Chen said he is waiting to “see the light” indicating the end of the pandemic, adding that “March is still too early to see the light.”

Asked if he would run for mayor of Taipei if people feel “reassured,” Chen nodded his head twice before smiling and calling the question a “trap.”

There are many factors that need consideration before making a decision, and keeping the local COVID-19 situation under control is a basic qualification, he said.

It’s not unlikely that he would have these intentions, as DPP would certainly like to take back Taipei City.


I’m presuming that photo was taken prior to current mask mandates:

A. Mask rules are tightened; masks are required when outside except for the exceptions listed below.
a. Masks are now required when exercising, singing, taking photos…


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