Coronavirus - Taiwan Developments Jan. 2022

Causing depression and anxiety is part of my unofficial job description.

I would consider 6 a worryingly low score, and I am only part time.

Maybe up your game a bit?


I’ve also been seeing it more the past couple of years. I think partly it’s students being more open about it, which would be good; others who have disappeared in the past may also have been suffering, but they didn’t talk to me about it.

On the other hand what with COVID and climate change fears, being depressed is also understandable. First years especially have a sad lack of social connections compared to earlier years.


I’d say most of my students have depression or anxiety. We spend five minutes after lunch every day doing a mindfulness exercises. I also have recommended many of them get help. But the mindfulness comes with coping strategies, which everyone can apply to their lives


If you mean actual clinically-significant depression that prevents them from functioning (as opposed to teenage emo), that’s surely a long way from normal. But it’s been well-documented.

They’ve all got doctor’s letters about their depression. It’s a bit of a headache for me as they skip loads of classes, but I don’t want to put them under pressure.

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wow, that’s … depressing. The problem you’ve got is that depression is hard to treat, especially when (as is usually the case) there’s a valid reason for it. TBH there’s not much you can do except to encourage them to hang out with their friends while they’re not going to classes.

guess it has been closed now

good news for the world

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I wonder why remote schooling is especially damaging for students of color? She states it and then doesn’t seem to explain why. Or is just SOP to throw in a phrase like that nowadays?

When did/will the great lunar new year stampede arrive in Taiwan? Eg. Is the number of arrivals already growing a lot? From the daily imported cases number it would sound like it already started.

I tried to Google for numbers of daily arrivals by TPE airport, but didn’t find anything useful…

PS: in my office several people sneezing, coughing, almost noone wearing masks. Even though the work rules clearly require staying at home with symptoms, and wearing masks at all times in the office.Sigh

Of course right now in Taiwan there is no known community transmission and thus practically zero risk. So it seems perfectly fine (and very comfortable) to work and live this way. Unfortunately we would only know a week or two after the fact when community transmission happened. And then we know retrospectively that we should have been more careful at work the last few weeks…


Anyone know if the pool at the W (or just hotel pools and public swimming facilities in general) is currently open? Are they allowed to open under Level 2?

gym pools are open, so I don’t see why hotels wouldn’t be.

I’m facing this situation too. Some of my best and brightest students have seemingly crashed and burned as the semester has moved forward. :slightly_frowning_face:



Psychology Today is always a bit woke-leaning. The idea that someone’s skin colour would somehow relate to their adolescent development is the sort of casually-racist nonsense that’s par for the course these days, so perhaps (as you said) they just feel the need to drop it in there somewhere. There’s probably some more complex effect going on there that manifests as a correlation when you take a slice through a higher-dimensional surface along the skin-colour plane.

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Yeah, I have a lot of students calling out of many classes on account of depression. It used to be very rare, but seems to have exploded in occurrences since students came back from online classes. Sometimes I feel sympathetic or worry about pushing students who may be suicidal… other times I get irritated as I suspect a few are just using it as an excuse to stay home. Also, I’m depressed as hell lately, and yet I still go to school and teach every day, but I realize some of these students might be on an entirely different level (although I do think I have clinical depression).


Students of color tend to come from more disadvantaged backgrounds with fewer possibilities of familial support for remote schooling. I’ve read quite a lot about it being an issue with remote schooling for families with working parents, more crowded homes, etc.


I’d much prefer it to be “disadvantaged students”, but what can you do.


0 + 25 = 25 and no deaths.

BUT - 2 imported cases from 12/28 and 12/30 have been recalibrated as Local cases - I presume the Q Hotel Ones.


My projected fail rate is currently running about 30%, highest for a long while.

My impression is its likely to be mostly due to worse attendance this semester

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That’s gotta huyt!

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Yes. Omicron to boot.

In other news, there might be a local case from a cleaner at Taoyuan airport catching the bug.