Coronavirus--Taiwan developments

Taiwan-related issues only here please. Please flag anything that seems amiss.


I would love to see if anyone knows of an updated breakdown on the cases.

What do you mean by breakdown?

Like, since the numbers in Taiwan are relatively low, so it’s easy to count what kind of infections they are. For example, most seem to be imported and very few are domestic transmissions. For domestic, how were they infected?

The CDC gives those breaks downs every day and we discuss them in detail.

Sorry. It’s really hard to follow the extremely large main topic. I haven’t caught up.


Each case detailed:


Thank you. Appreciated.

I would like to know the expected time or average time patients (that go onto recover) stay in hospital. Seems to be around 4 - 6 weeks +. Does that include a 2 weeks post recovery stay?

Kinda surprised to hear NZ going under lockdown at just over 100 cases while life here is going on as normal at 169.

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I know the last 3, one was a care. None in the care home tested positive.

2 were foreign research associates who caught it from a colleague who went to America.

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Time line is everything. We’ve been running for almost two months. Our curve is flattish.


Guess it depends if its local or not.

Most of ours are returnees (thanks fuckwits) so would be far lower.


Might have something to do with the fact per million despite what looks like low numbers that puts NZ at 21 per million whereas Taiwan is at 7 per million. Three times the concentration of infection.

Also in Taiwan especially in the last 100, well over 90% were either caught in port of entry or were already in quarantine. Also extensive contact testing is done in Taiwan, anyone who came in contact with them over a two week period. Even that is stressing out the system in Taiwan.

How much if any of that was done in NZ, might be another story.


When they talk about imported cases, do we know how many are caught at the airport vs. identified at large?

I guess you mean the CNA info graphic overview? Currently this seems to be available in the Chinese articles about the daily updates:

The English articles also had these overviews, but I don’t see them any more in the recent articles. The latest one I found was from March 17:


Not that many are caught at the airport. If you’re asymptomatic you won’t be tested.

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I’m hoping that this thread can be a more streamlined ‘news only’ one for people to easily keep track of what’s going on in Taiwan. Scrolling back through thousands of weekend posts every Monday just to know what the situation is gets a little tedious.
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Good move to just have a Taiwan thread. For up-to-date info, first go to the Taiwan CDC site:

but I still can’t find the map of Taiwan showing the number of cases by city/county…