Coronavirus--Taiwan developments

And going to work.

People like to attribute this to ‘culture’.
I don’t wear glasses, I have 20/10 sight and I hate anything touching my face. I still have a good 60 years left on these eyes. I hate facemasks and would rather stay home.

This “culture” thing of going to work sick is killing the Japanese. Plus even with lockdown, 60 to 70% are going to work.


Rocking up to work when you are sick makes you look good.

Maybe that will start to change after COVID.


Both cultures have blind spots in this scenario. Obviously sick people should stay at home and not go to school or work. However, when you are facing a disease that can spread asymptomatically, no one knows if they already have the disease, so everyone should wear a mask, at least if they want to keep daily life and the economy functioning as usual for the most part.

It all depend on the situation and the type of disease you are dealing with. It’s not just about doing things my way is always right. Failure to adapt to changes, especially when there are already plenty of data suggesting a change of action, is how SARS-COV-2 managed to wreck the West.


Just wondering, wasn’t there, did people in Taiwan wear mask before SARS-1?

I’ve been around Taiwan too long when the first thing I suspect is some Taiwan shops will turn off the air conditioning and blame it on the virus.


They are very similar to hayfever for many.

…Hence people are quarantined still and told to further report any symptoms if they develop.

I was at the mei hua lake on the weekend,it wasnt very busy thankfully , they also had announcements about social distancing that were probably ignored.

There are apps and software that can track crowds congregating guess the authorities need to use them proactively for real time crowd management or else shut down some tourist sites with no measures in place.

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Basically… no.
Only for scooters.
People started wearing their scooter masks as the fear was very real back then and the government started pushing it. After that it became normalised to wear them when sick or just wear them because you are an anti social bastard, both common reasons.

Wondering if the sailors had contact with other another country’s navy on this “confidential mission”, such as the US?


Kaohsiung is discussing a lockdown as soon as tomorrow according to TVBS news. Tainan’s also not happy. They don’t like the footprints of the three confirmed cases today.

If that were the case, it would have to be in Guam, where the USS Roosevelt is docked. :astonished:

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It’s possible. It doesn’t take 19 days to sail from Palau to Kaohsiung, that’s for sure.

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Did they for blue fin tuna?

mished a werd

Thanks, a rush job is never good.

“Heard about the oldtime sailor men
They’d eat the same thing again and again
Warm beer and bread they said could raise the dead
Well it reminds me of the menu at a Holiday Inn
But times have changed for sailors these days
When I’m in port I get what I need
Not just havanas or bananas or daiquiris
But that American creation on which I feed
Cheeseburger in paradise”
Jimmy knows!

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Are they really? You getting this from TV news or?