Coronavirus--Taiwan developments

Some people would rather just check for Taiwan related issues. The other thread meanders all over with everything for what’s happening in the UK, to USA, to all sorts of topics, with so many posts, people like myself aren’t reading them all.

But I would check a dedicated Taiwan thread, in part because I expect there to be far fewer posts and because I would expect it to be much more focused on the situation as it relates to me, in Taiwan.


I can’t wait till we look back on this in 10 years. Remember that cluster of CCP Virus topics?


I find myself disagreeing with you a bit here.
Returnees imply that the persons are citizens. They have a right to come home.

Visa runners on the other hand…


Even a list of Taiwan cases by city/county/date would be fine. Does that exist? Surely it must, in the interests of open and accessible information.

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By returnees, I mean people who decided a pandemic was a good time to take advantage of a cheap package holiday to Barcelona or Istanbul and are now returning home.

They’re the fuckwits I mean. Not Taiwanese who live in America or were studying there and are coming back


There are still counties that have not recorded any cases.

Even the virus doesn’t wanna go to Chiayi!


What time is CDC update today?

@tango42 posted this image in the big thread yesterday, but I’m not sure where it came from - looks like CDC data, anyway. Those who read Chinese can probably track it down quickly.

That is an incredibly detailed infographic. Attended the same floral arrangement class…wow.


+26 for us today, all from abroad or infected by people who brought the chinese flying aids from abroad.


Damn that sucks. I bet it’s really hard not to catch it from an immediate family member, though.

Thanks for keeping us updated, but where are these infographics coming from? I can’t find them on the CDC website, although I’m guessing they’re buried there somewhere. The posted info is just an image, so I can’t throw it in Google Translate. (Can I? If so, I don’t know how.)

Does anyone know if it is possible to get the statistics for the number of people flying into Taiwan every day? It would be interesting to try and align this with the number of cases.

So no community ones today? That is good.

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That’s directly from the Ministry of Health and welfare FB page:
They updated it while the CDC is currently live.


Any idea how many are yet to return? Like last week, it was said 2500 are waiting to fly home.


Oh FFS, they’re posted the most useful capsule summaries on Facebook, as non-text images?! OK, this time I’m being sarcastic: Taiwan up!

Here’s the non-Facebook Ministry of Health and Welfare page as well:


If I’ve got this right from Google translate, one case (#186) was local, but living with someone else who already had it.

I’m a little concerned by how it seems like all the new cases, or perhaps almost all of them, seem to have been diagnosed because they were ill. I know it’s still very unclear how many people remain mostly asymptomatic spreaders, but isn’t it still thought that’s a big part of the problem?


Imagine how few cases we’d have if people didnt go on holiday …

Human stupidity is depressing


Yeah that’s good. These are pretty much what we’re expecting. We’re at 200, could go to 500 yet. Not sure how many more people are still to return.

12 were picked up in the airport.


Does anyone know how many Taiwanese are still stranded abroad?