Coronavirus - Taiwan Open August 2021

For those of us illiterates, summarize please.

Yeah, it’s total bullshit and I doubt it’ll last. It’s the same with Seven. You walk in with a mask, you buy a bowl of salmonella and you sit down and take your mask off. And as long as that bowl is in front of you the mask stays off.

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as mentioned before, English story

the way covid spreads in places with poor ventilation…well im going to be optimistic.

Everyone has to wear masks on the MRT. I think things will be fine. This is not so unusual. We had hundreds of infected people riding MRTs in June, I’m sure.


Yo-yo lockdown is my prediction

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No, only the people in the back of the restaurant will be able to do that now.

I went for a run this morning and was hating the mask very much.
Redpoint is open with checking temp at the door, distancing, and dividers. They are more of a restaurant than a bar. They were at the allowed capacity and having to turn people away.


At least this place hasn’t fallen for the lies of Big Plastic:


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


That is the effect of nearly 50 years of martial law.

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Bleach is so last week. UV lamps are the thing. Haven’t you seen all the ads on the internet, newspaper, tv?

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I like the open air concept with good ventilation. My kind of place! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Next week or two will show the impact of reduction in restrictions on covid numbers. (Hopefully it is not too bad and contact tracing can do it’s job)

I think they’d have to cook you for UV to have a chance to work. UV filters in water systems are incredibly slow.

But they need to throw it out after every seat change. That’s out doors?

It’s outdoors, yes.

I suspect they’re not throwing it out after every seat change - why would they “need” to?

Law! Because you can’t wipe it with disinfectant.

Oh no! Seriously?

EDIT: we’re talking about cardboard. Phew!

I mean, if the rules are to disinfect between customers, you could lightly spray the cardboard with 70% alcohol without damaging it too much. Pointless of course, but then so is the whole thing.

Plus, I remember reading that the virus remains viable for less time on porous materials like cardboard than on plastic. So it’s an astonishing example of Taiwanese innovation and technology.


Ecofriendly too, as it’s easily biodegradable.