Coronavirus - Taiwan Open August 2021

Yes, it will cause some to forget about taking matters further - cash seems to lessen the blow for some, and I dont think “Condolence Money” (or whatever its called here) comes with strings such as “you cant sue us” attached.

It’s funny that they divide reactions into “non-serious”, “deaths”, and “other”. Would that last one be “serious”, then?

“2 deaths after AZ, 1 after Moderna”

Yes, note “After” rather than “caused by”.

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Always noted. I wouldn’t expect anything else.

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Sadly though, the media usually uses “caused by”, whatever the reason.

I’d put a bet that no link is found and no money is paid in any of the cases.

Even one payout would set a precedent. Can’t see that happening.

True. I guess it depends whether they think they can keep denying any link in the face of global evidence that the vaccines do cause at least some deaths - supposedly not many, but I don’t think even the pharma companies say that it’s zero. The argument so far is that it’s a reasonable price to pay for “safety”.

It may get to the point where denial is no longer possible, as in the case of the 38-year-old who died under mysterious circumstances a few days back. In that case the logical strategy would be to just hand out money; and even if they can’t legally gag people, TPTB have shown little respect for the Law so far, so they may simply tell people that the money is conditional on not causing anyone to lose face.

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I don’t care. It’s his choice that he should man up to.

More importantly. Are the pool halls open yet in Taoyuan?

Basketball courts on the 15th.

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Please don’t post pictures to shame people etc., thanks.

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He might not be shaming. She has my vote for hero of the week.

I saw an old woman that had passed out on the MRT platform, some people and ‘officials’ approached her to ‘help’… NONE of them removed her mask.

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Doesn’t matter, no need for pictures of that nature. One can send them to the cops or whatever if they like, or nominate them for “Hero of the Week” award elsewhere :slight_smile:

What? You’re shaming me? Yes, pictures are needed. It’s reporting reality!



If you insist :slight_smile: