Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

An additional downside: If cases do increase again after this owing to people thinking everything’s fine now, forcing a return to Level 3, they’ll have to find some new restrictions to enact under the revised Level 3 for there to be any distinction between the levels…


From the sounds of it, it does very much seem like a reduction in restrictions if one were to be honest.

Indoor and outdoor goes from single digits of 5/10 to 50/100 (new numbers I’m seeing*).

Shops are essentially opening with maybe size limits and spacing.

Restaurants and food courts can open with restrictions.

Schools can open with restrictions.

Parks and mountains supposedly opening.

Bowling and rec centers can open.

The above matters and impacts most people.

The issue is not that this is essentially still level 3. The true issue as many state is they also lack logic for outdoor activities and compulsory masks when no one is around. If you can climb a mountain, you can easily put up qr codes for beach entrances. If you can eat in a small confined space, why can’t you do it outside with no one around.

I’d like to believe that they will reduce more restrictions after some time, but in most likelihood it won’t. It’s a small portion of population that see the invalid logic with the government and most people not care if no water activities.



They will have to shut down department stores this time. That’s the only thing left.

Not really. They could be a lot stricter about working from home; they could allow people only to leave their home on every second day, or things like that.

I am not in the least recommending these. But the restrictions could be a lot stricter than what we’ve seen so far.


They could implement mandatory face shields, more restrictions on grocery shopping, stuff like that…


If heading out to hike by yourself in 37 degrees weather and wearing a mask is too hot, head to a bar or restaurant where you can safely take it off and hang out with up to 49 strangers.

The good news here is that from browsing social media near 100% of Taiwanese appear to be of the same opinion as most of us here regarding this kind of ‘logic’ and, if we’ve learned anything from the past year, it’s that a lot of #science is driven by social media.


Earlier they said they would leave additional restrictions up to local authorities when they moved to L2. I wonder if Taipei/NTC will limit indoor gatherings or keep any other L3 restrictions, or if they’ll stick with L2. Everyone is getting excited about leaving L3, but the mayors haven’t spoken yet.

This is the politicians not the scientists…Let’s get things straight here.
CECC is headed by a minister who is told what to do by cabinet.
Local governments…Local politicians .



23 + 1 = 24 and two more deaths.


You spoke to soon :face_with_head_bandage:

Yes, 1 traceable case in a city of 3 million. Someone get a couch for me to faint on and the smelling salts. :wink:

No, it’s 2.3421! Rounded down it’s 2.

Minister Chen just said that beaches, swimming and surfing are ok.

But, this is just his recommendation and the final decision is up to the individual mayors.

So, we’re probably still fucked.


I think they just said you can go snorkeling and surfing… But how if beaches are closed?

Just need enough rain.



It’s just so that they don’t need to come up with subsidies for businesses. It’s just a money game.


I take this back.

The foreigners, most of whom I’m fairly sure have never been to a beach, who feel #blessed they are allowed in Taiwan and permitted to breathe the same air (though a mask) as who hand down orders from high support this kind of policy.

yes but its still all your fault.
you have to go and kowtow in the street, offer your apology to the city then resign your position on forumosa :upside_down_face:

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