Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

Yep. Jumping off the headland is ok!

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It is even funny to think about but my mind is only imagining if they took this decision because it would be ridiculous if people could eat in but not in the parks or anywhere outside their homes or restaurants. It would be hilarious if not tragic.


I am so furious I could punch someone.

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‘Because restaurants require removing masks before indoor dining, they won’t be opened up for indoor dining. This goes against the CECC’s measures’

No shit! And are they coming up with subsidies for these busnisses?

‘Taipei states it’s not possible to inspect the 600 crane claw machines in Taipei as to whether they have staff there, so Taipei may differ from other cities in not being able to reopen crane claw machines’

How about just closing them, forever! Nothing good about it, just money laundering for the mafia.


Pictures were appearing online of restaurants installing partitions and spreading out seating.

I really cannot imagine the owners and workers who held on, thinking they had made it then to have the rug jerked out from under them an hour later like this.


Why are people so pissed here? Taipei Mayor said that they will adhere to CECC except reopening restaurants will happen a week later.

Where did they say “a week later”? I missed that.

All I’ve seen is this, which if I read it right, doesn’t mean they’ll open a week later, but rather that they’ll decide after another week. (And remember, they’ve already waited, what, 10 days or so? Wasn’t the go-ahead given for restaurants to open last week?)


As of July 12, yeah. If I were a restaurant owner I’d be beyond pissed. It seems increasing restrictions are centralized, but when there’s central authority calls for restrictions to be loosened, suddenly everything is local. Total bull.


I don’t get it either. Indoor dinning and holding large gatherings indoors are some of the most likely event to lead to spread. I think both of the mayors are taking a better course than the CECC.

The CECC is allowing high risk activities while not allowing low risk ones like taking masks off outside when able to socially distance, makes no sense, unless it’s just about money and appearing to be Covid safe.

There is no reason that restaurants can’t stay closed longer, no one is preventing them from making money they can still do take out and delivery.

CECC could soon fix the Cities / Counties that don’t follow their recommendations. Simply hold back any further Vaccine allocations - that will light a few fuses.

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Delivery doesn’t bring in the same business as dine-in and some jobs that are redundant for delivery models, such as wait staff, will be let go.


‘Ko states that Taipei will adhere with the central government, but they’ll delay on reopening indoor dining next week, and will wait a week …’

That’s a weird way of adhering!


Do you think every restaurant is set up for delivery or take out?


English-language article summarizing today’s developments:


I do wonder what the implications are for buxibans here. Kids can come back but no eating? If kids can come back…how many parents will be ok with that?

Yes and no. I agree that New Taipei City’s stated prioritization of 1) outside activities, 2) indoor always-masked, and 3) indoor sometimes without masks does make sense. But, if I’ve got it right, the CECC today also said the beaches could open - and upthread it was reported that, nope, New Taipei wouldn’t open the beaches. So if that’s correct, they’re not exactly being consistent.

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No, but I do think every restaurant could innovate and come up with a solution. My hometown even had the local theater delivering popcorn and movie snacks during the spring when they were closed for Covid.

How about gatherings and weddings? Eating allowed? But hey, you need to take off your mask to do so! Friggin’ idiots!

Did you read about the many that tried and failed, investing additional funds and not succeeding?