Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

Thanks for the info. I’ll have to read up on some of that!

My day job(s) involve problem-solving, and my gut feeling here is that some things are more complicated than they need to be. It’s a sort of “when the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” scenario, except curiously inverted to take account of the fact that we now have a sonic screwdriver in the toolbox instead of just a hammer.

My point is that investigators seem far too willing to throw advanced molecular biology at the problem without considering that (a) they need to be searching for something easily detectable or predictable, such that it can be deployed en masse and (b) it needs to be treatable. There’s no point searching for something that can’t be (easily) tested for and/or can’t be modified.

There’s also the “if you don’t have a double-blind peer-reviewed RCT then it’s not valid!” thing, which is being used to trample over all sorts of valid avenues of research where that particular paradigm is not appropriate.

Just to give a specific example that I’m familiar with: there is endless debate over what causes obesity at the molecular level, and TPTB are endlessly bleating that “there’s not enough evidence” to modify dietary recommendations (which have failed miserably). But from a therapeutic viewpoint, it doesn’t matter: the mechanisms that cause obesity are fairly well characterized, and the therapy is straightforward (stop eating bad food - in particular, stop eating in the manner recommended by dietitians as a cure for obesity). The treatment is highly intuitive and is easy to adhere to. If some given method or technology works reliably, we have all the time in the world to find out why it works.

Old-timer doctors and researchers used to be somewhat better at following hunches, simply because they didn’t have complicated tools available, and that generally led to more useful therapeutic innovations.

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And that wasn’t the problem, was it? It started in quarantine hotel and then a ‘teashop’.

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And yet they can probably be infectious with the new Delta strain.

We are being punished for an inept government and some fuckwits wandering around infected.

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They really need to stop with the this nonsense every time there’s a “case”

Most medical experts say that disinfecting surfaces doesn’t help.


No mention about Ikea?

Costco was last week Saturday, it’s a bit late to come up with it now.

Pfizer and AZ (and almost certainly Moderna) are still well over 50% effective at preventing symptomatic illness (there are some differences in the numbers we have - anywhere from 60s to 80s %), and over 90% effective at preventing hospitalization and death with Delta.

The data on how much transmission occurs in breakthrough cases is very limited but even if you assume that it’s possible (which is reasonable), again, if a person tests negative pre-flight, negative on arrival, and negative 6 days after arrival, and they are vaxxed, and they don’t have any symptoms, they are almost certainly not infected and even if they were, they are almost certainly not going to be transmitting the virus.

Irrational fear of the variants is not science. The incubation times are roughly the same. The testing works the same way.


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Early presser today due to people going to the Airport apparently.

14 + 4 = 18 and a further 6 deaths.


Only 7 cases found outside quarantine. Things looking good so far :crossed_fingers:


Isn’t that the truth… My husband joined me in September. We have two floors in our apartment so he quarantined upstairs.
Our parents are in their mid-80’s and our kids were angry we hadn’t visited. When the lockdowns continued, we decided to go home for a month.
I could see the 里長 watching our apartment in addition to the phone monitoring so how do these bastards get away with anything. It never occurred to us to break quarantine, so I’m not understanding why we can’t quarantine at home or at least in the same hotel room.
Because we’d need to pay for separate rooms which are extremely overpriced and in short supply, he’s going to stay in the US until Taiwan gets their shit together. I could try my luck with the government facilities but the thought of paying to be imprisoned at an unknown location is scary.
I’ve gotta get back to work otherwise I’d stay longer in the US.


Wonder if we should increase testing in some areas. I know couple of hospitals where nurses haven’t been tested for over a month. Some of my friends have colleagues who have worked in the Covid wards as well…

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You may not be able to reduce quarantine or stop wearing a mask or eat in restaurants or go to the beach but you do get a cute sticker you can post on social media.


No, rational fear for the real situation is.

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That’s you. Not everyone.

Taiwan has been put on the UK green list, so we must be doing something right. This means you won’t have to quarantine in the Uk if you go back this summer. Amazing news for some!

Useless info for others!!


Anyways, the same situation as last year starts in Europe. People go on vacation, get back home and spread the delta variant. Cases go up, hospitalization goes up, luckily not as many die, yet. Countries start thinking about limiting or toning down opening.

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This is great news.

Only problem is, I can see myself wanting to come back and finding everything’s turned to ratshit in Taiwan.


Except you would likely catch delta in the UK.

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