Coronavirus - Taiwan Open July 2021

Green point next to New Zealand is Taiwan.


not likely, possible though. You could also get vaccinated a lot easier. My parents have been getting mail every two weeks telling me to go get vaccinated.

Interesting comment from Ko today. He believes lockdown measures can only be lifted when you have 80% vaccination!


He should say FOR TAIPEI .

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The problem is when you from the UK to other countries you then get put on the blacklist :grin:.


Now he changes from less than 10 cases a day to this bullshit? He should pull some vaccines out of his ass then!

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Far less likely to do so if you’re double vaxed.

It’s the quarantine time when returning to Taiwan that has scuppered my trip home to the UK for the second summer.


I heard some old folks were gaming the system by ripping off their vaccination sticker from their nhi card, so they could double dip on vaccines. Why would they do that?

Israel once made it almost 1 per million, and many people are already fully vaxed .

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Current (repost from this post)

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So it’s really looking like we will need yearly shots for this.

It’s too early to say, at least from what’s written in this article. Firstly, these positive cases are people who were vaccinated first in Israel, so the very elderly and the vulnerable. And even then it states that the vaccine has ensured that, despite still getting infected, they have only been mild cases. So if the vaccine’s efficiency is still high at reducing covid severity in the elderly and vulnerable after six months, it presumably does an even better job for those with much stronger immune systems. Although, to be fair, that is an assumption I’m in no way qualified to make.

Also, we don’t know how many people that were vaccinated in January in Israel have since then come into contact with the virus, but been completely protected due to the vaccine. So it’s hard to get an idea of the percentages.


because the useless electronic system allows them to?

TGI Friday’s and Texas Roadhouse threaten to close their business due to lack of financial support in Taiwan.

“this number is clearly just produced out of nowhere”


I suppose the key word here is “believe”.

Once you get government that’s predictated on irrational beliefs (or, worse, one single belief that overrides all others) it’s time for a change of government, IMO. But I guess people will just shrug and accept it until Taipei looks like Pyongyang.


It’s too difficult to ask people for their NHI card and load it to the chip!

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My point is it seems that even if many people are fully vaxed, the virus can still be spread, and it can be brought in Taiwan where many people are not vaxed.


I was of the belief that the various TW governments were solely following their expert health advisors in making COVID decisions - whether to tighten or loosen restrictions, or in seeking certain specific levels of vaccination.

Isn’t it all based on the science, WHO guidelines and recommendations, etc.? :thinking: I mean, even the CECC hasn’t mentioned this 80% requirement. As yet, anyway.

Definitely some conflicting messages amongst the pollies.


Oh sorry, yeah I agree with that. I meant to respond to the other poster who mentioned that we would likely need yearly shots for this, which I’m not so sure about.

EU has already opened up to Taiwan.