Coronavirus - Taiwan OPEN June 2021

That’s basically all he’s done. For the rest of his incumbency all he does is throwing shit at DPP politicians for things he didn’t do or didn’t do right at all. He’s even more offensive than Korean Fish.

He is successful at hiring trolls to swarm troll farms like PTT though. I would happily dance on his casket if he drops dead like right now, lol.


Maybe if you start dancing right now, he may :skull_and_crossbones:

That was my impression as well, but apparently not.

Social housing, new buildings in Taipei, bike lanes etc.

Thats every single political party in Taiwan, including the CCP

They let the red light cluster get way out of control before detecting it.

Wernt the both calling for full lockdowns for the cities though? Remember people were attacking them for it and trying to go past central government.

Since then they did some half hearted voluntary district screening . And I heard talk of wanhua opening markets up ? And they let that Bei gan cluster grow also.
.Things might be getting better but I don’t see any effort at eradicating yet from those two jurisdictions.
I mean we wouldn’t need eradication if old people would just vaccinate but …

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Crazy to think we were getting around 500 cases a day for about a week. I’m glad things have improved so quickly and hope we are looking at single digits cases a day by late July.


I am amazed that you have not seen it since their strategy has been to test the bejeesus out of the communities when there is a case or suspected cases.

For instance in Xindian. Or Taishan. Or the lovely discovery of two cases in Jinshan where they previously thought there were not.

Taipei had the big one in Wanhua which they had to move to the wholesale market. But that was not the only one.

They give the numbers and percentages in the pressers. At least New Taipei does. While the lion’s share of infections comes from the household, there is a steady less than 10% of unknown origins.

Even the numbers are low, I am still worried of these tiny clusters which keeps appearing out of individuals which arent contact traced. It shows that even with very less unidentified cases, we shouldnt be super optimistic about lower numbers since any cluster can appear anywhere.


Now that I am daring to go out I hear some skepticism regarding the numbers. However, again, having asymptomatic clusters lurking somewhere hidden does not make one feel quite secure.

However, you can see how the measures make sense. If we were doing the summer sales in the department stores, for example, the few one or two cases spotted could have transmitted that bug to a larger amount of people, like customers.

Now, I really wished we had more people WFH as a safety measure. Especially in Taipei. The MRT crowds are getting on my nerves and I used to take the bus for safety. Alas, too many people feel the same.


Department stores opening is kind of mental.

I have two separate Taiwanese friends who have gone back to the office because “they prefer it”.

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Idk what you are smoking.

So basically nothing. How much social housing is there in Taipei?

The difference is that that’s ALL he does.

? Thats what someone told me, he is a loose-cannon and the party cant control his actions or words.

Laobans love to got to office so they can go to love hotels. And people go get take-out food, then take it office and eat it sitting next to others without a mask. :thinking:

Which brings us back to the discussion about mental health and how “normal” as it used to be wasn’t healthy at all.

Most parents are climbing up the walls because they simply have no dealings with their kids. The kids were had put of social/parental pressure.

Too many people have turned into autómatas that only care about work. Any disruption of the established schedule brings their world down. The office is confort…or rather, their whole livelihood, both material and mental, is tied to it.


How very credible.


Yeah WFH is not great for a lot of reasons, but in a pandemic its irresponsible to go there when you dont have.


They can argue economics but in the long run dead folk can’t work. For starters.