Coronavirus - Taiwan Open September 2021

Based on her job/duties it sounds like she should have been in the first few priority groups, so she could have gotten fully vaccinated months ago.

In a perfect world the vaccines would entirely preclude infection. But we have to work with what we’ve got. The efficacy of vaccines is that they can mitigate symptoms to the extent that vaccinated people generally need way less medical attention.

This is true, but when the numbers are in the tens of thousands, the minority that is hospitalised is large enough to bring the medical system to it’s knees. (Just look at some of the harrowing scenes coming out of Italian hospitals a year ago!)

I’m no expert by any stretch, but I’m inclined to agree with @monokuro that:

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I guess that’s true, but in my family the only people who have been killed were the unvaxxed ones (and they were old, 65+)

My thinking still is we’ll all get it eventually anyway, so make sure the vulnerable are fully vaxxed, then just open up - there’s no need to wait for everyone.

So are we just going to put everything on hold because of Delta? Because nothing seems to work except to just force everyone to stay put for a month or so.

Basically might as well just kill the economy.

At some point we’re going to have to realize that there’s no stopping Delta anyways.


The vaccines work though, but they only work when people are vaccinated, and currently Taiwan has only less the five percent fully vaccinated, so the vaccines are not working for the other 95 percent of the Taiwan population. So unfortunately until the vaccines are working we need to keep ‘killing the economy’ and wear masks and eat Food Panda.

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Because everyday we’re just playing wack a mole with Delta anyways…

So far so good, so far so good…

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These wack a mole is going to just cause more people to want to eat out because they will think that those activities will be banned in the future for who knows how long, and that will cause more chances of mass infections that will actually make going out a thing of the past.

Indeed. I was just pointing out that “results do not support conclusions”.

Then the conclusion to draw there is that the system is a bit crap. The numbers in Taiwan weren’t even close to what other countries dealt with … and even there, they were only overwhelmed because (as in the case of the UK, for example) they’d been cutting back their service levels to a ridiculous level for many years.

People aren’t making enough fuss about why such things are happening in the first place, IMO.


That’s weird as I’ve seen places already dining in yesterday.

They rounded up all airport personnel, and I mean, all. Shot on site.


Whoah. That certainly seems a little extreme.


Vaccination shot on site perhaps?

I hope / assume so! But the phrasing amused me.

Once we get BNT which is for 12-18, does that mean Taiwan will have mass school shootings every day for the foreseeable future?


Yes, the students will be lined up and shot, one by one.


Yeah, “shot on sight”, perhaps?


Delta 4: Taoyuan Boogaloo ?

I prefer “Taoyuan Container” as a working title.

We shall see . . .


2 + 10 = 12 and zero deaths.