Coronavirus - Taiwan Open September/October 2021

Hmmm. There’s a kind of fatalism at work there. Not sure this is the same thing, but interesting

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I just wondered if the dorms are occupied with foreign students so they can’t let the locals in until quarantine is over, but that would imply a large amount of foreign arrivals in every college. Mmmm

There is no rhyme or reason to a lot of what is being done in the name of epidemic prevention in Taiwan. But I did have a very nice dinner in my local cafe last night. No dividers, no masks, no temperature taking.

And then it’s back outside and mask back on. Absolute insanity.


I’m confused by this - wasn’t it a CECC rule that the silly barriers be added as a condition of reopening? Or just a recommendation?

I’m not sure why some places can get away without having them…or alternatively why other places bothered if they didn’t really have to.

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Hospital didn’t report it correctly, so it apparently fell through. They just caught the error now.



No that’s not the situation.


There were a couple of barriers between tables. But nothing in front of you and tables were being shared by individuals on laptops etc.

I think Taiwan is going to head into a long phase of selective enforcement, don’t ask, don’t tell. Which is bullshit. Just call it. Level 1.5 masks off outside if socially distanced, masks on inside. Masks off and open mouthed kissing for hot pot.


Usually policy enforcing in taiwan is driven by fear of getting caught. The restaurant i ate in last night had no barriers on table and the clerk asked me to move to some other table because “someone will complain if they see it” . And then there is a restaurant near my place where no barriers nothing and everyone eats like normal. Why? because they know their customers and they know no one would complain about them because truth is that people are more desperate to eat without dividers.


Case in point, this morning I followed 2 male high school students into a 7-11 - they ignored the Barcode scanner and check-in and went to get their drink, paid and walked out. I pointed this out to the employee - who merely shrugged his shoulders and waved in the direction of the scanner.

I don’t intend to follow their example and will avoid that 7-11 in future as well.

Leave a review on google maps. It might get some attention. :slight_smile:



Yeah I’m seeing a lot of that. Virus fatigue.

We’re just waiting for the delta really.

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Controlling capacity. You don’t want a full house with dividers anyways, makes no sense.

2 + 4 = 6 and no new deaths.


Strange cases, eh?

Delta is among us.

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Keep them locked up for at least 3 weeks. All of their contacts at the airport 2 weeks. No human interaction.

Who will fly the planes?

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You see, we found the solution, no planes, no people coming in.

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Maybe we can just have computers fly planes…


Computers get viruses too. (just adding my weirdness to these already weird threads)