Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May 2022

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He is right. Scotland and Wales kept mask mandates/ other rules longer than England and it didn’t make much difference.

At more than one point, Scotland had a lot more restrictions bit more cases per million than England.

Well…. I am not a superhero. Aching muscles day one. Slight runny nose and a bit of a cough when I lie down to sleep on day two.

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That was true for most of the people I know that got it.

That’s good though. Spread fast and far and maybe we can go without masks and restrictions by summer.


So you got it?

Yep. Had symptoms but kept testing negative, once yesterday and once this morning. Felt better and tested positive at 10pm tonight.


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So basically you could be walking around spreading it from a few days unknowingly. Even though you tested yourself and are negative, then once you feel better you stop testing, but would test positive. What a crazy virus.

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I wonder if they’ve considered doing random testing.

Back in April of 2020, New York State and Los Angeles County used some kind of
random testing method(s) to try to get a better picture of the numbers:

I posted about it back then:

Coronavirus - America - #1599 by Charlie_Jack

Wish it wasn’t illegal to get an antibody test.


Covid Stats For 2022-05-16

Local = 61,697

Airport = 35

Quarantine = 22

Deaths = 29

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


This article doesn’t say it’s illegal, but it seems to amount to that if we’re not airline crew members:

Lo Chi, Tsai Ya-hua and Kayleigh Madjar / Staff reporters, with staff writer, “COVID-19: CECC to set rules for antibody testing,” Taipei Times, September 20, 2021

I guess I learned a couple of things today:

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Uhm are we still requiring PCR for those who test positive on antigen test? Why are the case positivity rates so high :sob:?

Can go to work/school/shopping. Should avoid large gatherings and indoor dining.



So, just to be clear, I could be sleeping in the same bed as my SO and would just have to do 7 days of self-health management if she tests positive. OTOH, every single international arrival still has to do 7 days of quarantine in a hotel (or home if they have one that meets the conditions) and potentially pay up to 20000 NTD for the experience.



Is it still 10 days quarantine for testing positive?

7+7 if you test positive, not 10 anymore.