Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

Christmas in which year?


You’re a bad human for even suggesting that. :confused:

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Of course we’re nowhere near the dust being settled yet, but how things stand for accumulated deaths by population at the moment:

Source: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths - Our World in Data


I think this is just as big, if not bigger development. They’ve had a tough life these past 2+ years.
Guessing CECC will see “results” of this relaxation of zero quarantine and then look to do the same for all arrivals if there is no uptick based on data from airline crew.

It also announced revised rules for Taiwan-based airline crew, exempting quarantine for those who have received a booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine more than 14 days beforehand.

Fully vaccinated crew members who have had booster shots would be subject to seven days of self-health monitoring, a PCR test on the day of arrival, and a rapid or PRC test every two days after returning on a long-haul flight.


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The booster exemption is weird as they’re still acting as if the current gen vaccines do squat in preventing transmission. If they have an effect on transmission rates it’s negligible.


Yeah. My point is that I believe CECC is going follow the data on these airline crews for maybe a few weeks (of no quarantine) to then make a decision (hopefully) that citizens/ARC/PARC don’t have to do any quarantine as well. Maybe at the same time, no need to do testing 48 hours before incoming arrival into Taiwan.
Since there is never any clear disclosure of CECC’s SOP, nor do local media ever ask such simple follow-up questions, it’s just ours to guess.

My wife says Minister Chen has tested positive. Anyone seen a source to back this up?

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LINE news in Chinese quotes:
(rough translation):
“He had symptoms in the morning. He used a household quick-screening reagent test and the result was positive. It has been confirmed through communication and diagnosis treatment. He will be take care of at home. He is currently in good health.”

His team members Chou, Chuang, Luo, and Wang were in contact with him, took tests, but are negative.


Good luck to the minister then. Sure he’ll be fine and back to vexing us with confusing musings on rule changes in no time.


What in the world is this made up PARC thing?

In 22 years I’ve only ever heard it from foreigners.

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APRC. sorry. fat fingers

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I wonder whether he’s needed to confusedly call his colleagues at the CDC to try and figure out what the current rules are.


He first needed to mull which CECC official to call first.


I hope that @$$ gets the worst toothache ever and has to wait 14 days to get a root canal.

Never happen though because the rules would be broken for him immediately.



No Official Presser Today, blah blah blah

Covid Stats For 2022-06-12


Local = 50,657

Imported = 14

Deaths = 163

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


Well, took 2 and a half years for the Big Boss to get it. In the old country, not only our Health minister got it in the first months but also his own father in law died of it.

Checking now, also the president, his wife, most of the legislature…yet they keep on traveling and not wearing masks. But they took big chunks off mask and vaccine deals.

But then if positive on arrival off you go to a quarantine facility.

163 Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths Reported on June 12, 2022


Female = 72 (44.17%)
Male = 91 (55.83%)

Age Distribution

90s = 37 (22.70%)
80s = 64 (39.26%)
70s = 30 (18.40%)
60s = 20 (12.27%)
50s = 9 (5.52%)
40s = 2 (1.23%)
30s = 1 (0.61%)

Vaccination Status

74 were unvaccinated (45.40%)
16 had one dose (9.82%)
20 had two doses (12.27%)
51 had three doses (31.29%)
2 had four doses (1.23%)

Click to see detailed cases report