Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

123 Confirmed COVID-19 Deaths Reported on June 14, 2022


Female = 61 (49.59%)
Male = 62 (50.41%)

Age Distribution

90s = 21 (17.07%)
80s = 43 (34.96%)
70s = 36 (29.27%)
60s = 8 (6.50%)
50s = 9 (7.32%)
40s = 6 (4.88%)

Vaccination Status

48 were unvaccinated (39.02%)
13 had one dose (10.57%)
18 had two doses (14.63%)
44 had three doses (35.77%)

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It seems very random, the people who die from this. I can understand some of the fear.

40s, male, no history of chronic disease, 3 vaccinations.


Turnover of places that I can walk to:
Old looking and cheap steak restaurant now completely refurbished and selling dumplings.
One trendy breakfast shop closed (opposite the community where all the residents were taken away in buses). A new breakfast shop opened recently about three blocks away.
One old beef noodle place closed. A new different kind of noodle restaurant opened recently about four blocks away.

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They lost 7 million in sales because of covid? That sounds like a lot of dumplings.

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I think he’s talking about foregone rental income there…although the numbers and timeline don’t really add up.

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Covid Stats For 2022-06-15

Local = 68,939

Imported = 26

Deaths = 143

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


Lo expressed his hope that people will implement screening and self-health monitoring, as well as wear masks to reduce the risk of passing the virus on to their families.

Yeah so anyone hoping for mask removal? Well forget about it for several months now


Lo said current border restrictions are not comprised of a “completely watertight quarantine.” Regardless of the “7+3” or “3+4” quarantine formulas, Lo said that the subvariants will eventually enter the community. Lo expressed his hope that people will implement screening and self-health monitoring, as well as wear masks to reduce the risk of passing the virus on to their families.

How about a π+√15 formula? It’s vital we stop these foreign colds getting in.

Won’t somebody please think of the children?


It will be years, won’t it? More variants will evolve and with the CECC in total control we’ll never be living normally with the virus. I’m not sure if the CECC even want that.


Yes but the variants will be weak and the drugs will be strong.

Something like that anywayX

They continue to only talk about cases. No mention about hospitalisations or deaths in South Africa, only cases.

The CECC loses control once we decide to live normally with an endemic virus, accepting that less virulent but more contagious variants will continually evolve. Control can be intoxicating and addictive.

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Three million officially tested positive?

How many had it without being tested??


Estimate from officials are that perhaps 20-30% of the population has been infected. Once infections in Taiwan hit the higher parts of this range, omicron seems to quiet down—at least it has in other countries—as it then has fewer hosts to infect.



Following the regular pattern, only two of those deaths from today didn’t have any chronic disease. The rest had various cancers, etc.

So I wonder what the point is, of publicizing so-called “Covid death” numbers, if the government couldn’t be bothered to inform the public of the relative contribution Covid actually had to each of these deaths.

Did they all die solely of Covid? Or actually of whatever chronic disease they had? Or, if Covid contributed to the death, then how much?

A few days ago, the CECC confessed they were recording Covid positive drownings and suicides as Covid deaths and would stop doing that, so it doesn’t give me any confidence when they don’t give full context for labelling each of these deaths under the official (scawy!) Covid death numbers.

Maybe later they’ll readjust their labelling to also exclude “deaths by cancer” from official Covid death numbers? It wouldn’t surprise me.


I wonder how much higher the number would be without masks and hand sanitizers.


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I think it’s not just a higher number; it’s the speed at which the numbers grow. I think the authorities here hoped to at least slow things down (they cannot stop it) to try to make sure the hospitals and other health units do not get overwhelmed.


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I guess it’s impossible to determine with certainty.

Imagine someone very unstable walking close to the edge of a cliff, then comes a gust of wind and he is blown over the edge.

Was it the wind or his unstableness? Could he have made it back from the edge or was he going over anyway?



The numbers are being presented with certainty.

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I call it First of the North Star Syndrome. The CECC is afraid, and power over others makes them feel less afraid.

People who live in fear shouldn’t be in charge of anything though.