Coronavirus Taiwan - Specific Developments May/June 2022

Could’ve been gout, or not being vaccinated.

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Or gout and not vaccinated.

Looks like the CDC intends to jump on the monkeypox bandwagon now that COVID is becoming an increasingly untenable excuse for their political prominence. No doubt the brother-in-law of somebody-or-other will miraculously happen to have some monkeypox home test kits available at NT$500 a pop sometime in the near future, and we’ll have a daily infomercial, sorry, situation update from the CECC to ensure a profitable uptake.


I had a weird symptom that felt like a pulled muscle at the bottom of the front rib cage for about 5 days. It felt like I had done too many sit-ups or crunches. Since I stayed in bed for several days, I thought I had been sitting the wrong way or coughing too much. I didn’t think anything about my symptoms until my husband said the same spot hurt… I had the bad sore throat. He did not. Neither of us had a fever.


Did you take a rapid test? Then you’d know (well, up to a certain degree of certainty).


We definitely tested positive and then negative several days later via rapid test. I’m still not 100% myself yet and it’s been since Sunday since my first negative test result.

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Take care and get some rest.

If things turn serious, get some medical attention. Despite its reputation as mild, omicron can and does mess people up!


We are recovered and fortunately didn’t have to be a burden the medical system. I would definitely get medical attention if I needed it.

We’re going for the beach vacation this weekend! It will be nice to do nothing.


I had that off and on a few years ago. One day I mentioned it to the Doc, who sent me off for an Ultrasound, which found a 2.5cm Gallstone!! I no longer have a Gall Bladder. What I had been feeling was a “Gallstone Attack”, which can be quite serious if not treated - similar to an Appendicitis - neither of much use until they make their presence known, then its serious.


That doesn’t sound fun but you must be really tough to live with it. My husband and I both had the same symptom so I don’t think we have his and hers gallstones. :slight_smile:


Fortunately it wasn’t continuous, else I would have sought treatment much sooner, in fact the ‘attack’ was similar to a cramp in the calf muscle, pain for 30 seconds or so, then gone until the next time.


I hope I haven’t been creating fear. The threat from Omicron is statistically insignificant if you have no underlying conditions. Please ignore anyone who tries to suggest otherwise.

Omicron is virtually harmless.


Oh my. The Bottom Inspectors from the CECC will be bashing somebody’s door down at 3am.

Following this conversation about back pain (I’ve heard several other people say the same thing) it occurs to me that omicron is not just harmless. It’s not really even COVID. The symptoms are dramatically different. It’s genetically similar to the original strain, but not very similar. On the rare occasions people die with it, it doesn’t seem to kill people in the same way. Which makes me wonder: does the Pandemic Law even still apply, since it was written with a very different disease in mind?

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I’ve mostly been in the outer boroughs where freedom reigns. I’ll report when I get to “the city”.

Yeah, they can design some new placards – a small number for how many Taiwanese have caught it that day, a small number for how many monkeys have caught it that day, and a massive number for how many dirty foreigners they busted trying to bring it in at the airport.


Report Completed1

Covid Stats For 2022-06-25

Local = 40,293

Imported = 105

Deaths = 151

Current Severity of Symptoms Statistics

Local Cases By Districts (Interactive Map)


A numbers’ trend chart anywhere?
Should be a clear fall by now.


Until now, it’s starting to get back into the lungs, BA.5.

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So what?

As I mentioned earlier, there’s no obvious reason why “BA.5” or any of the other scariants should find a foothold in Taiwan. The population has already evolved its own dominant strain that’s uniquely adapted to the conditions here. Everyone who was likely to get a dose has already had it; they therefore have a good level of natural immunity. Or at least they should have. So what else is to be done?

We assume, of course, that the various scientists suggesting that three-plus shots of the vaccine causes curious changes in the immune system response must all be idiots, and the people with media studies degrees who write articles on Fact Check websites are the definitive source of Thuh Truth™.