Coronavirus Testing

My brother-in-law is stuck in home quarantine for having lunch with a positive case. They told him 15 minutes. Maybe coz they take off masks to eat?

These rules are wacky.

The gov was supposed to show up today with kits for us but didn’t show. So I went home without one today. Whatever…

No one can make you pay for your own test unless you are traveling.

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Yes, the government had all of this time to prepare for “letting it rip” and rapid tests can’t be found.

I wasn’t about to run around like a dumb monkey looking for a test kit and I damn sure have better sense than to jump into the fire by going for a test at the hospital when I’m not sick in any way.

I kind of wish they would fire me anyway.

I think the only reason they keep me around is I would be the second teacher to leave this class this year.

Anyway, they told me to come to school and take the test onsite before going to my classroom.

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Are there any rapid tests on shoppee or just have to look at 7-11?

I suppose obtaining subsidized home testing kits is the latest shopping challenge in Taiwan:


Ugh I’ll swing by two and see tomorrow. $100 for 5 isn’t bad but I don’t think it’s right we have to pay for something that is “mandatory” for many.

100 for one.


Nice catch. Still cheaper than $600ish for one at 7-11 I suppose. :smiling_face_with_tear:

My guess is that it will be hard to get your hands on these tests the first few days of rationing. I’m glad they’re starting this tomorrow instead of June (I think that was the original plan).

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Were they ever that expensive? I thought they were something like NT$300-350 each or five for NT$1500, but I’ve never bought one. I agree they should be provided by the government or employer if required.


It could be the type or the price changed? I got one at 7-11 and it was around $600 a few months back. :sob:

Indeed - my current hope/plan is that I’ll have no need of one over the next week or two, and then I’ll pick them up fairly easily once the dust has settled.

I wonder how those proximity alerts work. With teaching, I’m in the same room as a lot of people for two hours each time - is that enough to count as a close contact? Does it care if someone is sitting right in front of me, or at the back of a lecture theatre?

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Pharmacy said I have to come back at 1 and wait in line. What in the dumb bs

Checked another a sign was posted. :frowning:

Update 2: in a long ass line now. Will likely be late to work and left empty handed.

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I find myself in need of getting the rapid tests now and today is the day the rationing system started. When did they stop selling them in 7-11 et al? In other words, how dumb was I to wait? I passed by a pharmacy with a line around the block.

Did I read correctly that each pharmacy would only get 78?

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There aren’t enough testing kits available for the predictable rush to get one.


I think there has been a shortage? So 7-11 probably has been out for a minute. Now they are rationing them.

My work says I have to have it by Monday. I texted them and told them I’m going to be late. I hope everyone gets one test otherwise I’m screwed lol. Someone was counting so I do think 78 sounds right.

This is honestly whack because in the US when it was starting and their was a shortage they said only health care workers should be testing. Yet, Taiwan wants a bunch of people to :confused:

Just hypothetically, what would happen if all you guys just phoned in at work and said “sorry, no tests, I’ll come back to work when the testing requirement stops”?

There isn’t a testing requirement for work, is there?

By making tests cheaper, looks like the government wants to create one.

I’m sure this one manager wants to fire me so…

If you don’t have the third shot it’s required.

The line is actually going semi quick.