Coronavirus travel restrictions

Not a restriction per se, but in the midst of spiralling COVID-19 cases in its midst, China Airlines has apparently suspended many of its flights to and from LAX, SFO, and YVR in the upcoming two weeks.



No doubt due to unavailable pilots.

“Among the 412 guests and staff members who had to leave the hotel near Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport were more than 100 pilots with the country’s largest carrier, reports said.”

Cathay had a similar problem a couple of months back, Government in HK made aircrews do longer Quarantine time and it led to a shortage of available crews.

It’s clear that how much ever we try to protect and stay in a bubble, you may contract it. And any quarantine, shorter than the min 14 days + 7 days, doesn’t help.

Yes, but they were actually in a quarantine period when they became (potentially) infected, so would not have affected the crews’ availability

Philippines open 1 May.

Basically need to stay 7 day quarantine in approved location. But this new story only has general reference information.


I have no skin in the game.
Just posting to see if any citizens of Australia have a thought on this either way.

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Apparently there are doubts as to it’s legality under the constitution, but the High Court would probably have to rule which means big money and time for any challenger.

I suspect that the gloating by a couple of high profile cricketers that they beat the direct flight ban by flying via Qatar may have had something to to with it too.

Interestingly, when the USA were reporting similar numbers a few months ago no mention was made of restricting Citizen arrivals from there.

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Only restriction is for all arrivals into USA to have (within) 3-day negative COVID-19.
That’s been there since I think January.

Legalities have to be practical. Under times of emergency certain legal provisions are allowed to be overlooked.

This is such a fantastic principle, based on which nothing can possibly go wrong. History has shown this to be a perfect policy to adopt. Every government should adopt and make full use of it. Brilliant.


It’s a strong incentive for governments to create emergencies.

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they already do. your sarcasm doesn’t conform to reality.

Specifically with regards to US and infectious diseases:

Apart from this, you could argue the entire FISA courts and current programs like PRISM, or any surveillance, is curtailing your rights since we’re in a constant state of “emergency” due to war on terror.

Sarcasm?! No! Never!

Just total agreement. You deserve nothing less. We’re in an emergency after all.

In response to the runaway crisis in India, Taiwan has temporarily issued an entry ban on specific foreign nationals from that country effective May 4. Some key details:

The new measure applies to all individuals who have visited or transited through India within two weeks of their arrival in Taiwan, according to Chen, who heads the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC).

However, the entry ban does not apply to Taiwanese or foreign nationals who hold a Taiwanese residency permit, Chen said at a press briefing.

They will instead be required to quarantine for the mandatory 14 days at a designated government facility, free of charge, upon arrival in Taiwan, Chen added.



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“EU member states agreed Wednesday that the bloc’s borders should re-open to travellers who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, European sources said.”

I read somewhere it is only for vaccinated EU citizens. Is it correct?

So far yes. Or needing a reason to visit. They are thinking about changing this however. Expect to travel freely by mid June or so within Europe if fully vaccinated. In some countries even 1 shot plus 22days will do.

Guess EU will publish a list soon if they can agree. My guess is that US will be on the list. The rest will be similar to the latest Latvian entry restriction. This is only my guess!

In Netherland travel for non-essential purposes has been permitted for arrivals from the following seven third countries:

New Zealand
South Korea

"The authorities of Latvia will now allow persons who have completed the vaccination against the COVID-19 to skip self-isolation when they enter the country.

In a press release issued by the Latvian Ministry of Transport, it was pointed out that all persons returning from a European Union or European Economic Area country, Switzerland, or the United Kingdom will be exempt from the self-isolation requirement.

However, the testing requirements for all those vaccinated still remain in place. Everyone is required to present a negative COVID-19 test result not older than 72 hours."

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Reading that about the Netherlands, it appears that I could purchase a ticket on China Airlines or EVA to Amsterdam and enter without restriction. No need for Tests, Vaccination, or Quarantine. Hmmm, really?

Edit - no - coming from Taiwan requires a PCR test, but otherwise my Passport lets me in.

A one way deals for Aussies and Kiwis , leave for the EU and you may not be able to return for a very long time.