Coronavirus travel restrictions

I booked before Covid 19 and my Girlfriend wanted to go is main reason Cambodia.
I’ve not visited Japan but of course she has!

so would you say singapore doesn’t look like its going to be on the ban list? flights to there right now are as cheaper than i’ve seen in a long time.

There is community transmission in Singapore. Travel alert from Taiwan government is level 2: non essential travel not advisable.


I had plans to go to Japan. At this rate of infection there, maybe I could do Hokkaido…in April or May.

I thought this was the year I’d catch the sakuras.

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I really have no idea. 58 cases now… Taiwan might get nervous, but I’m not an airline CEO or CDC official or other government head deciding this stuff. I don’t know how they come to the decisions they do and what talks happen behind the scene. All I can say is I had an awesome time and wasn’t worried in the least. I can’t recommend you book as I don’t want you to blame me if you then get caught in limbo going there or coming back. All I can say is it was so delightful not dealing with the unruly hoards of obnoxious middle-class Chinese travelers.

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ok seems a bit sketchy, i just checked, they have the second highest number of cases. even higher than hk which is pretty mad. its such a small place too.

@DrewC yea for sure. it sounded pretty chill there from your post but as the place with the second highest no. of cases its got a decent ban risk i’d say.


Being such a tightly controlled city-state, I think they’re just doing a better job of identifying and quarantining all the infected cases than Thailand and other SE Asian countries. I bet we’d be shocked if we knew the true number of infected in Thailand (and I bet it’s much higher than Singapore).


People are cancelling trips not because of the destinations. Even 50 cases isn’t a lot. The problem is the hours in the flight cabin.

I just found a cheap round-trip to Singapore for the long weekend April 2-5 and decided to go for it. I got flight insurance and I figure, if there’s a ban or something, I’ll either get my money back or be able to swap for another (hopefully better) flight.
I guess worst case would be more and more cases pop up in Singapore but governments/airlines don’t cancel anything, so I would have to decide to go or to eat the cost. It was cheap though so not going would be disappointing but not horrible.

it was a kind of surprise, and I checked. Most of their cases are from the cruise ship. the cases out of the ship are 28 at this moment. Next to Singapore and same with Korea.

When can people on the ship leave the ship? They cannot until they get the disease or nobody get the disease for 14 days?

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I wouldn´t look at the number of cases as much as the kind of transmission. Community transmission is problematic.

@DrewC were you at Sentosa? @tigerninjaman have a look

No, we almost went to Universal Studios there, but decided against it.

Well that’s… not great, but I guess none of this is. My trip isn’t for another 7 weeks so we’ll see how it develops in Singapore and Taiwan.

You’re not going to get sick. I can’t guarantee your flight won’t get cancelled, but I’m pretty confident it won’t. Who knows… by then, this thing might’ve peaked and be on the decline. Some say it already has.

China initially gave declining numbers… now they had to come clean. They just quarantined major areas like Beijing and Shanghai and Guanzhou… we are looking at another month at least.

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Is there any conglomerate list of places that have banned travel from/to Taiwan? (Including whether it falls under the one china ban)

I have a flight coming up within this quarantine period and don’t want an impromptu “philippines phiasco” canceling it at the last minute.

In terms of countries, I believe right now it’s just Italy and Philippines. There might be some rogue airlines that have also banned Taiwanese routes, but I don’t know.

You make a good point. Still, the number of confirmed cases in such a small area is… concerning. I’m surprised travel to and from Singapore hasn’t been banned (yet)

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Taiwan threatened the Philippines with sanctions.

I’ve never seen a country do a 180° that fast.


I’m really resisting the urge to diss the Philippines hard… I know a couple nice Filipinos, so I’m trying, I’m really trying… but I’ve visited before and there’s so much shit I could say about that place.