Coronavirus travel restrictions

Yet unknown but we will know towards the end of January when she expects to return

Oh by the way southwest kept the middle seat empty on their flights

And SFO was really empty even though domestically many are traveling

And the three southwest ground staff at check in couldn’t be friendlier as they only had a few passengers at a time

They offered to carry her luggage onto the conveyer

Unheard of behavior ! Lol

I said not to worry she brought her baggage handler with her …me

I’ve never seen SFO so empty

There was literally no one in line at security to get airside

No one

Everyone got priority treatment

Driving back home via the San Mateo bridge because the bay bridge was backed up where there used to be two lines of jets lining up to land onto the parallel runways at SFO there was not even one plane in sight

Who is Tammy? A goddess of Forumosa?

No but at home she thinks she is a goddess
She has an army of 4 cats and one laborer …me



Seat capacity not actual PAX 2021 januar numbers from OAG. Taipei - Shanghai on number 8.

Now Covid tests are required for people returning to or visiting the US. Long overdue.


Not really so useful if there are no quarantine requirements upon arrival.

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Some states have quarantine requirements.



worried that using them to enable travel may result in the unvaccinated being treated as second-class citizens.

Highly dangerous development, but probably unavoidable.
It’s very hard to regain freedoms and liberties, once they’ve been lost.

Previously a personal health document was standard issue requirement for traveling to and from many countries. Now it is rare except in the case of yellow fever and only required for a handful of countries. Past practice shows that once a disease is eradicated or not a serious health risk, the documentation requirements and restrictions are no longer kept in place.

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While you can understand why they’re doing it, the fact that well over 10% of the world’s population have already had the virus (possibly 30% or more in some locations), a more sensible plan might be to ask people for an antibody test or a vaccination certificate.

But antibody tests aren’t an end all or be all either. People can have T-cell immunity long after their antibodies have diminished.