Coronavirus travel restrictions

In Elbonia they’re charging three- or four-star prices for quarantine accommodation and sending in 50-peso shite for the food. Anyone who can do so arranges with friends to get food and water sent in (inmates, sorry, guests are being told to drink the tap water). It goes without saying that gov’t officials are heavily involved and are skimming off the top. They don’t even bother trying to hide it: someone from the City comes around as you’re admitted and tells you there will be no photographs, no talking to anybody about the setup, and to be grateful that you’re not being treated any worse.

Eh have you collaborated with local “famous professors”? Like, from top universities that shall not be mentioned? There are threads here too, to peruse.

This “study” was quite a scandal. It had lots of political undertones but anyways, these guys are untouchable, they are not risking anything because they control everything at academia.

Public health tends to use multilevel approaches to decrease disease incidence. Preflight tests should catch most infectious cases before boarding, then quarantining takes care of the rest. [quote=“finley, post:1226, topic:188488”]
but in that case how did such interventions fail so badly elsewhere?

In California one reason could be poor compliance. I see dozens of nostrils whenever I so somewhere such as Costco or Target. When I go into stores, sometimes even clerks don’t wear their masks properly. Also, plenty of people still gather in page groups without masks here.

English version:

Asked to comment if the more stringent border restrictions since January will indeed be lifted soon, Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung (陳時中), who heads the CECC, said Sunday that the center is planning to ease the restrictions starting March 1, although a final decision has not yet been made, he said.

Even after the ban on foreign visitors is removed, Chen said the CECC will continue to require all arrivals to be quarantined for 14 days after they enter the country, at either a quarantine hotel room, government-designated quarantine center or at a private home if only the person in quarantine lives in the residence.


What does that mean though? foreigners have been banned since the first quarter of 2020 ?

It should read foreign tourists, I guess. Non residents.

So maybe this will benefit the scholarship students, the work/vacation crowd, etc?

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Visa free?

Visa pending I would say.

Though many countries are opening borders, who knows if Taiwan will follow? It says visitors, one would expect tourists.

Hopefully Japanese fans of Taiwan can spare two week quarantine, then visit touristy areas?

Think they just opening up again for work seeking, entrepreneur visa etc.


Who cares? I just want to see my parents ffs. So do a lot of other people here on this forum… everyone, or almost everyone, is cut off from family in other countries. Some of us have elderly parents with serious health issues. I could give a fig about some tourist from Tokyo. I’m just hoping once my folks do get vaccinated (they’ve been told they’ll get it in April) they’ll be allowed to visit even if they have to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. I would visit them, but I’m not sure I’d even be allowed back in. Any news on that front?


Same here. Preferably not at their funeral.

As far as I can tell from the article, “tourists” will be allowed in as long as they quarantine for 14 days. Understandable, but a major expense on top of the air fare which effectively means most people just aren’t going to attempt it.

My friend in New York has a Korean wife. Her mom died on her birthday. She couldn’t even go back to Korea for the funeral. She had to watch it over Zoom. I felt gutted when I heard that.

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Well we were talking about incoming visitors, not exiting and coming back without quarantine, if that is what you mean.

In that case, I refer you to what minister Chen said a few days ago: we may be able to travel freely by 2022. If vaccination goes ok, if there are no other issues, if …

The Tokyo thing is because areas like Yongkang street have lost almost half their business.

Ugh. Another fucking year of this shit then.

Whatever happened to these travel bubbles I heard about last year? Surely by the fall travel between relatively covid free countries like Taiwan and Australia and New Zealand should be safe, especially when most of the population is vaccinated.

Travel bubbles are focused on going out to travel for fun…

Sadly, we are all in this worldwide mess together. Yes, travel is opening up in many places but until we see some progress, hopefully through vaccines, then coming and going freely is still limited.

Drew, I guess if you are a resident, it is still risky to go out but doable. If your parents can come, you can book a nice hotel as a treat…or do it the other way: they stay in your home, and you go somewhere else cheaper, maybe even a friend’s home. A pal did a variation of this recently.

I’d get fired, even if I could. My school has pretty much requested no one travel unless someone is dead. With two weeks Q overseas and then two weeks Q returning here, I’d be gone at least six weeks, which isn’t feasible with my job and family obligations. I’m going to see if my parents can come, but Australia is also very strict with people leaving and coming back right now. I think with vaccinations ramping up things will get more relaxed. The USA has gone from 300,000 cases a day to 60,000 cases a day in just a month; still a lot, but a very dramatic drop off. I think things will get better quicker than people expect with all these vaccines getting pumped out.


Even if you hate golf this is a good option compared to being looked in a room.

I see that here too.