Coronavirus travel restrictions

If you arrive together, you can quarrantine together.

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And if you don’t, you cannot, as—due to the incubation period of the virus—you can infect each other, defeating the purpose of quarantine.


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I would probably take advantage of going to Palau as never been there.

But I suspect someone showing up from Taiwan with other than a Taiwan passport might be treated differently.

Travel bubble with Palau floundering.

They should open it up to independent travelers, not just group tours.

In Palau you must stay with the tour groups at all times, eat in separate dining areas, and avoid crowds and local residents. Don’t see them opening up for independent travelers yet. If you ask me this trip seems like a complete waste of money.


Has anyone thought of all those jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake?
What if they all get COVID-19 and die from the tourists!!!
Have the jellyfish been vaccinated yet???

Now this kind of travel bubble makes sense:

The bubble between Taiwan and Palau is just fake. The onerous restrictions make it unusable. Travel agents too have complained saying low bookings.

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Taiwan Palau

Looks like they need more masks in Palau

From the Palau side, one of the purposes of this arrangement is to make sure there will be flights connecting out, in this case to Taiwan, so that residents needing advanced medical attention (not available at home) will have a way to seek help—an ongoing problem for residents of Pacific Islands during the pandemic.

I don’t know how long this arrangement will last, but it’s certainly a multifacted experiment, with medical diplomacy no doubt part of the mix.


I’m down with more references to Taiwan being named a country.

First travel bubble? Hell yeah!

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I wonder how long it’ll be before the Chinese people notice that their feelings have been hurt by this act of overt aggression.


Why would the republic of Chyyyyna people be hurt by their own bubble ?

And the fake bubble has burst …


Computex will be online-only this year:

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Hopefully they’ll get all this sorted before the next adult expo, or things will really start to go down the pan.


World toilet expo will benefit though.

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I just realised that somewhere on the planet there is indeed a toilet-bowl company where people obsessed with toilet bowls are fretting over the fact that their customers may not have a chance to feel and sit on their toilet bowls at the next World Toilet Expo.

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They can do a Try and Buy deal…If not satisfied send it back…:nauseated_face::nauseated_face:

Do squatter toilets need a test “s(h)it”? :thinking: