Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

So don’t base your future decisions on it! :grin:


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Murdoch doesn’t own the Daily Mail, does he? It’s Rothermere.

You are right! Murdoch seems to own The Sun.

That being said, I still would not base my medical decisions from articles in that rag. :rofl:


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Newspaper tycoons make their money by telling people what they want to hear. Works for the same way for the Grauniad, the Independent, and the gutter press.

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you actually think i do ?? I base my decisions on a myriad mixture of brain nanoparticles heavily diffused with images pixated on my eyeballs as translated by my left foot and sometimes my right ankle, plus whatever direction one of my cats is facing at that particular moment in time.
To be honest injun, our US newspapers are no gooder

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yeah but honest who wants jumping eyeballs right? That could lead to other balls jumpin

wait wait, didn’t someone say Bil GAtes was behind this fake chinese disease so he can inject(infect) billions of people with a nonsense vaccine so that other than 500 million people , eventually most peopel will become infertile?? my next computer is gonna be a chrome book.

OH but wait, APPLE is teaming up with Google, who knows what world mischief those characters can hatch eh?

Could the media actually stop reporting absolute bullshit when the world is trying to get out of the pandemic?

I can’t say I’m surprised, though. The media has been awful from the get-go when they started panic-buying by blowing out of proportion a handful of empty shelves. Probably even before that, really.

Why is he baffled?

These are the same sort of people who burn 5G antennas and think covid is a hoax to control them. A large chunk of them believed garbage like Trump was going to be inaugurated in March 2021.

It’d be more surprising if they trusted the vaccine.

Trump is very proud of having helped support the lightning speed development of some vaccines.

Trump has also taken a vaccine.

Trump fans should connect the dots and get some of those awesome Trump vaccines!

[Is this persuasive?]


Didn’t he practically develop it himself? Nobody understands vaccines like him. I’ve heard he has a very big, uh, brain.


I forgot
What he said but he said he was some
Sort of genius

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Is an irresistible urge to write in haiku one of the side-effects of vaccination? Seems to be a lot of it about.

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It should be like that, shouldn’t it?

I just got my first shot (Astra Zeneca). I’ll let you know if I grow any extra teeth or become better at crosswords or some such thing. I have a suspicion that all I will feel is a day older tomorrow.


A vaccine-related blog post from the guy I mentioned in the Open thread.

His point is that antigens, in nature, don’t just appear all by themselves; they’re associated with a pathogen. Our immune system recognises coronavirus spike proteins not because those proteins themselves are a problem, but because they’re attached to something that is a problem. And our immune system responds by destroying that thing.

So. The vaccine causes your own body to manufacture these spike proteins - much as a virus would - and that means, presumably, that the cells “malfunctioning” in this way will be targeted for cell death and phagocytosis.

Is this a problem? Maybe it isn’t. It happens all the time, of course. But who knows? Does anybody care? Either way, I think his stance is a reasonable one: wait and see if the guinea-pigs develop problems.

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Considering most lab rats reporting these symptoms could consider and in fact drink toilet water should Jackboot Johnson and halfwit Hancock told them, it’s no surprise.

Erm…triggered by what? By you?

Not at all - don’t be ridiculous. :laughing: You have zero credibility in this discussion, as we’ve repeatedly established. You just want to believe “vaccine bad” and support anything to that effect without the ability or willingness to assess the full evidence.

I was just making a joke at your expense, because Tommy posted something from a source that’s perhaps even as unreliable as you (well, I probably wouldn’t go that far).

Isn’t it time for you to get back to Twitter? There might be some more “data” waiting.

Quite smug.
‘Zero credibility’ in a discussion.
How does one define this? Are you the high priest of moderation? A mouthpiece for pharma? Is this thread littered by those who work within the pharmaceutical industry (with views on both sides)? Only those who tow the party line are allowed to have credible viewpoints?
What you see as ‘robust’ is only allowed?
I support freedom of choice. I don’t think you do or some others here do…
I don’t think a leaky vaccine nor lock down for that matter are solutions to government responses to something that has killed 0.2% of the population (probably lower going off the Italians saying only 12% died from actual C19 rather than with it).
Triggered indeed.

An honest look at the EU mess with vaccines.