Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

There has generally been a lot of coercion for people to take vaccines, umbrella effect and all that. Sometimes even mandatory:


As emergencies go there’s been a very slow response.

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Kind of like the climate emergency.

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So if there is no such thing as the COVID vaccine, then what the hell are these vaccines called? What the hell are they for?

You wrote about “the COVID vaccine”, implying there’s only one, like in the odd sentence “Oh, I read the book yesterday!” (Um, which book?) There are multiple COVID vaccines.

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I am THE Covid Vaccine. Take that Covid!

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That guy is not wearing his mask properly. :rofl:



Cha bu duo lah…

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Oops meant this for another thread.

Wait, why is the virus wearing a mask? :runaway:

I don’t know, the more I look at that gif the more I’m asking WTF is going on. :smiley:


“Pfizer’s new at-home pill to treat Covid could be available by end of the year, CEO hopes”

No need for vaccine booster shots after 1 year or so.

The person who made his life with useless software patents, banked on monopolistic practices, couldn’t design a decently secure OS is busy lecturing on how to control vaccine patents.

A true has-been relic. I hope he takes his billions and goes lives on Mars. Will be more useful there.

Just imagine if people like him would stand up and say “you know what. Let’s squash vaccine patents. Let’s not profit off a tragedy. When the world is back to normal we’ll find more human ways to profit from.”

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Where did you get that ?
I’m afraid booster shots are almost certainly going to be an annual thing.

That’s not what he meant.
.I hate when find lks selectively quote.

What he said was that releasing the patents doesn’t mean you are going to get a good quality validated vaccine at the end. He is correct in saying that the limitijg factor is not the patents !

The limiting factor are the manufacturing resources including the reagents , the production know how , the supply chain and how to perform the extremely rigorous quality control .

India has the largest manufacturing capacity it is not being held back by the patents as far as I know

Bill Gates has put 100s millions, maybe billions behind vaccine research personally.

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Yeah. I read on Twitter that the picobatteries in the GPS nanotrackers only last 12 months anyway.


Manufacturing is already outsourced. Under guidance. His concerns are about something that’s obvious and already taken care of.

If patents are not the problem, why not release them since he wants to show he’s so altruistic.

Because first of all these things need to be funded , there’s nothing wrong with making return in investment.

Second they can license them at low cost…Which I believe they have licensed to countries around the world with the ability and resources to manufacture.

I read the interviews with Serum Institute of India CEO since last year . A private company. Biggest vaccine manufacturer in the world.

You should read them.

He clearly says it is export blocks on reagents and also lack of coordination that was the problem. Also the scale of investment required.I don’t remember him mentioning any patent issues !!

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Well I suggest you listen to the interview.

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I can find the interviews .
He said it was raw material export blocks that was most harmful.
Raw material shortages.

Not as sexy as attacking Bill Gates one of the great health benefactors of all time though is it ~

Companies need to patent their stuff so other companies don’t block them from selling it . That’s the reality.