Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

Read what I gave above. It’s in there. Why are you concentrating only on 1 manufacturer and its problems? Can’t there be other problems?

“ The monopoly granted to Big Pharma has enabled them to resist any kind of international attempt to share scientific data and technology, making it impossible for other manufacturers across the world to enter into production.

It’s up to the companies to decide whether to enter into licensing or manufacturing agreements with other firms. This likely explains why we are currently using only [43% of global production capacity](Monopolies causing “artificial rationing” in COVID-19 crisis as 3 biggest global vaccine giants sit on sidelines | Oxfam International).”

They can be quite protective in Taiwan. Especially if the first-born is a boy.


I don’t think Oxfam International is a credible source on these matters.
Many companies are sharing and licensing their vaccines and vaccine technology, see above . Pfizer and moderna may be slower but there might be reasons for this.

Well a lot of policy specialists and other people in the ecosystem disagree with that point of view.

So it seems Gates is the good guy in all of this.

By comparison, one of the world’s largest health financiers, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, includes grant language requiring equitable access to vaccines. As leverage, the organization retains some right to the intellectual property

The focus on mRNA vaccines is misleading a bit. They kind of obfuscate the fact that the AZ vaccine has been licensed for manufacture all over the place and is way cheaper and easier to distribute .

The vaccine is stable at refrigerator temperatures and costs around US$3 to US$4 per dose.[42] On 17 December 2020, a tweet by the Belgian Budget State Secretary revealed that the European Union (EU) would pay €1.78 (US$2.16) per dose, The New York Times suggesting the lower price might relate to factors including investment in vaccine production infrastructure by the EU.[43]

As of March 2021 the vaccine active substance (ChAdOx1-SARS-COV-2) is being produced at several sites worldwide,[44] with AstraZeneca claiming to have established 25 sites in 15 countries.[45] The UK sites are Oxford and Keele with bottling and finishing in Wrexham.[44] Other sites include the Serum Institute of India at Pune.[44] The Halix site at Leiden was approved by the EMA on 26 March 2021, joining three other sites approved by the EU.[46]

Astra Zeneca doubles profit … thanks to taxpayer money? But well, life has no price.

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No, not thanks to taxpayer money. They’re losing money on the COVID vaccine.

Like making shit up ?
AZ invent a vaccine the world desperately needs…And they get dumped on for it.



We may long for the fancy mRNA vaccines, but the deep cold storage they require make them inadequate to help vaccinate vast parts of the world—something that needs to happen for all of us to get out of this mess.



I’m very happy with the astrazeneca vaccine I got… because it was what was available to me. (and I’m still alive after 9 days). and really who knows the side effects of any of the vaccines… these are all very new. My mom just sent me an article about heart problems possibly linked to the Pfizer vaccine. When all the dust settles, who knows what vaccine will come out on top.


ashes to ashes, dust to dust

My mother said, to get things done, you’d better not mess with Major Tom.

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