Coronavirus Vaccine Discussion

I do not have experience or expertise in this topic, but people I know in Canada will be going from AZ first dose to Pfizer second dose (with perhaps another booster needed?). This has been approved by the Canadian authorities and I have not heard anyone discuss a downside (unless they are administered too closely together, say within one month). Here’s what person wrote to me:

- one [vaccine] is good to make T cells, one is good for antibodies. It makes perfect sense to mix and match.
- if you look at the history, we have always mixed and matched. Until COVID nobody ever paid attention to brands. We have 10 or more manufacturers of flu shots every flu season. Nobody ever knows what they are getting, even through they are not all the same. Not even close.
- there is nothing from a theoretical perspective other makes this risky. Vaccine orthodoxy says don’t get more than one vaccine per month.



They have a large study going on in the UK.
I couldn’t find the paper itself, but there were a lot of news articles reporting on it.

Here is one:

You can google for the others.


Here is the initial data:

Oh cool. I’ll need to keep an eye out for that and figure out how to register. Max 12 weeks … that means by mid July for me.

But that’s just nature. We’re part of nature. Everything we do is natural. Including making nukes, traveling in space or creating a new virus to wipe out humanity.

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A very interesting (and scary) talk on problems with the current Covid mRNA vaccines. One of the guests is the inventor of mRNA vaccines. Brett Weinstein is really on a roll lately.

How considerate… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Chile, Bahrain and Seychelles are all seeing a big surge in cases, Chile even locking down, despite vaccinating a large number of their population. And UAE are seeing a small surge.

Surprise, sur-f*cking-prise, they all mainly used the Chinese vacccines…


At least there are no reported side effects for sinovac.

No reported efficacy either.


At the presser earlier today Taipei’s priority list and age distribution was shown. There’s just over 6000 doses reserved for the 95 to 101 age group…Now call me a callous so and so if you like, but that’s poor prioritization. The reaction to the vaccine could likely finish them off, assuming their immune system is still capable of providing a reaction. Protect them from exposure, vaccinate younger age groups and those who cannot avoid exposure and come back to the centenarians later when supplies are more plentiful.

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Yet another hopping the line

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Well it looks like older folks won’t get as bad of a reaction as younger folks from AZ, so I don’t see the problem… and they are more vulnerable to covid complications.

Would you expect anything different? :slight_smile:



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Efficacy is around 51%, and around 100% for severe hospitalization. You have a population of 1.4 billion people. Science won’t let you hide it if it’s just placebo shots of sodium chloride.

Science won’t. But politics will.

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How does that maths work? 58% of the population are fully vaccinated and yet 60% have only one dose. 118% have some level of vaccination?! Or is it getting late?

Politics won’t. The scale is simply too big with so many people traveling.

Was the CCP remotely capable of hiding COVID-19 forever? no.

My apologies of this has been answered.

Can Taiwanese fly to say JFK and get the vaccine? There’s some poop going around about people doing vaccine vacations to the US and getting the freebies that have been set up.