Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - 2022

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CDC is asking the elderly nicely to go and get vaccinated.


Booster shots now available to all aged 18+ and 3 months (84 days) elapsed since the second shot. Enquire at Vaccination centres for bookings (ie - seems no 1922).


Is there a list of these centers? I should be right at around 3 months. Need to check my yellow card tonight.

I am not aware of a list, but I know it’s down to many local Clinics now, so maybe check around where you got your last shot.

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Second dose has passed 70% of the population as of yesterday.

103,797 doses were given yesterday, of which 72,860 were second doses, and 19,687 were Booster shots. 16,395,320 are now fully vaccinated which is 70.08% of the Total Population.


If you’re in Taipei, you can make an appointment here (all Chinese):

Although it looks like bookings haven’t started yet. This is a link to hospitals in Taipei where you can make appointments online or in person. It’s in Chinese but the hospital names translate fairly accurately google translate. Some of the hospitals have English registration sites.

That list may be updated at a different link later. It was linked to from the first page, so the most recent one should be there.


Thank you.

Nothing like a few local cases to cause upper arms to suddenly be bared!!!

205,586 doses were given yesterday, of which 137,808 were second doses, and 52,216 were Booster shots. 16,540,280 are now fully vaccinated which is 70.70% of the Total Population.


That is funny!

" 【 The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC)】

The CECC has announced to close the Public Vaccine Reservation System (1922) to the members of public on 2022/01/01. For providing more convenient services to the public, you can visit the vaccine map of Taiwan showing all relevant information about COVID-19 vaccines. Local governments will update information about the brand of vaccines available and the location of participating hospitals and clinics for you to schedule your COVID-19 vaccination appointment."

Here’s a link to vaccine sites in NTC

It’s in Chinese but just page translate with Google translate. Click on a link than you get following


2nd dose numbers likely being bolstered these few weeks due to schools resuming vaccination for 12-17 year olds right? Also the change from 5 month to 3 months for boosters makes a lot of people eligible now. At this point probably won’t get past 81% first shot rate until Covid becomes the norm here and the remaining hold outs will get a fire lit under their behinds.

Hopefully the elderly holdouts don’t clog up the hospitals too much…

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Yes, that’s a fair chunk of the 2nd doses as the BNT #2 is going up and up, and is now about 1M short of the 1st doses - so that gap should close down if they all get the 2nd. Moderna 2nd doses are only about 150K sort of 1st doses. The big gap is AZ - about 1M have not had a 2nd shot - many of the missing were probably frightened away by the early fear mongering about side effects.

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Anyone know how to book a booster shot? I will be eligible in a few weeks so I was hoping to book one online as soon as possible but when I go on the 1922 website it seems like it’s down. Do they have a new site now?

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Book directly with hospitals or clinics. Hospitals you can check their websites or call and clinics probably just call or if there’s some near your home you could probably just walk in and ask if they do booster shots and when you can get an appointment.



Anyone know what vaccines are currently available? Preferably Moderna or Pfizer. I’m 27 so not at risk or anything.

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Tell us where you are and someone can help. Also, I think the vaccine thread would be better help.

ah okay thanks. im currnetly in yilan city

I have no idea how many Vaccinations have been administered since Friday as the CDC have not updated the details on their web site.

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