Coronavirus vaccine in Taiwan - Feb/Mar 2021

Minister Chen is not going to purchase BNT vaccines.

Disappointing and wrong move .

Are you implying that if corruption doesn’t make the front page of the local tabloid it doesn’t exist???


Get on the phone again with Moderna! This problem can be solved.


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You are making it sound like it is his voluntary decision not to buy it in spite of being offered it. Isn’t it the other way round?

Asked how the company will be able to determine the effectiveness of the vaccine after only a second-stage clinical trial, Chen said that they will conduct blood tests to determine its immunogenicity.

No Western country would use a covid vaccine which has not shown its efficacy against real coronavirus, but only some “blood tests to determine its immunogenicity”. And wanting to use a vaccine only based on phase II also seems to be rather unconventional. Fortunately, there is a very low risk of covid in Taiwan. But then why vaccinate at all?


Good, but for this you need a vaccine which is actually proven to work by international standards…

By any measure Taiwan is doing great in prevention. I don’t see why they need to overpay for vaccines.

If it’s for travel, great. But nowhere have they announced that vaccinated travelers will enjoy quarantine free entry and 0 restrictions. So what’s the point of rushing in?

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Thailand just did.

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Do you? Or else why do you ask that question?

What I mean to say is that with such an important issue, with so many eyes on it, as soon as anything goes sideways, there are headlines, panels, torches. Turn on the TV: there are calls for transparency and those in favor/against vaccination buying at all costs.


There is talk already next year vaccines needed to adapt to the variants.

It is not just a matter of business. One of these could be The One.

So vaccination helps us buy time.

Not if those are made in China and/or have Chinese ingredients. Or have China involved in any way.

“ Other requirements are still being discussed. Visitors will likely have to show proof that they have been vaccinated and are not infected upon arrival. They may still be required to take PCR tests at the airport and install a tracing app provided by the government.”

Too complicated. Won’t work to increase tourism. Either you trust the vaccine or you don’t. Currently everyone will err on the side of caution and not put full faith in the vaccine.

Also Taiwan isn’t removing quarantine requirements. So not really convenient to I travel even with vaccines.

Thought they both are as well

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