Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

You are probably right but they will find it easier said than done. Taiwan’s semiconductors tech is legit. It will take so much money and effort to catch up to Taiwan that I doubt anyone will be able to do that in the foreseeable future. Just look at EU as an example they earmarked 160 billion USD to compete with TSMC but they concluded they can’t and it’s better to just pay some money for TSMC or Samsung to set up shop there.

Typical government bureaucrats they need to get with the program.

Of course they put themselves at the second highest priority for shots.

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According to Chen, the vaccine will be stored in special freezers in 22 counties and cities. He further stated that all local health departments are capable of maintaining the vaccine in frozen form at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Wow, go Taiwan. Such technology. :blush:

I’m capable of doing that. There’s some space in my freezer just next to the chicken.


Next up: Taiwan will use this to boast about its domestic freezer technology.


Haha. Exactly!


I cant remember where I read it, but somewhere said its not a normal Phase 2 and is the biggest vaccine trial with the most people involved in the whole of Taiwan. All the universities and hospitals etc came together. It could also be total bollocks and Im imagining I read that

Probably just PR nonsense. It’s not a lot of people.

I believe there were quite a few locations in Taiwan and Vietnam though (TMUH, for example - a doctor there told me that hospital was involved).

Do you remember in April when we all thought that Taiwan was really good at stuff?


With our luck there will be another power outage and all these freezers will become ovens cooking some vaccine soup.


I just found out that the Moderna vaccine will arrive or has arrived in Taiwan.
But only less than 200,000 doses are available.

It’ll take a long while before it gets to the general public.

Japan is considering donating vaccines to Taiwan… I guess the Japanese do not want them.


But by the time they run through the priorities the virus should be controlled, as the priorities are the most at risk people, and people most likely to spread them.

Probably, but I am wondering how would that affect businesses if it takes this long when everyone and everywhere else is back to normal. Or will there be normal, or a “new normal”?

What’s going on in Japan? They’re only 6% (partially or fully) vaxed, yet are barely recovered from their 4th and largest wave.

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Korea uses KakaoTalk so that people can register for leftover shots to prevent them from going to waste (currently the general public there can only get shots if they are 65 or older crowd).

Maybe something Taiwan can look to emulate when more vaccines are available and vaccination of general population starts? Everyone similarly has Line and integrating a registration system and maybe online payment (Line pay?) can help speed up the extremely slow vaccination process in Taiwan. Vaccines should just be free by that point but who knows.

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Lawsuits. 1992 court ruling.

Japan’s excellent healthcare system.

And an assortment of things.

I think these COVID vaccines should be free to whomever is on ROC soil. It’s in everyone’s best interest anyway.

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It is, even the self-paid one, you were paying specially scheduled injection, not for the vaccine.