Coronavirus Vaccine in Taiwan - May/June 2021

Hopefully once the Uk is vaccinated, there will be more AZ going about? One more month, should do it.



So, here are the number of vaccinations over the last eight reporting periods:

Seems a sudden decline over the last two days.

In any case, 3% of Taiwan’s total population is now partially or fully vaxed.

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No more available vaccines left. Need to wait for checks to finish on the ones that arrived recently.


Low stock, once the Japanese shipment starts getting rolled out across Taiwan the numbers should go back up again.


Perhaps old news…


They have something like this at SFO too. It’s J&J though.

I figure if you’re going to travel to the US to get vaxxed, might as well get Moderna or Pfizer.

Thanks. J&J is one and done though. Can literally turn around and fly back in 24 hrs at SFO.


Yes, but the efficacy of J&J is lower. And ideally, if you’re going to come to get vaxxed, you should stay fairly isolated for the 2 weeks following your vaccination since you won’t have much if any protection for that period of time.

It’s good enough, and while efficacy is 74% it’s 100% effective against hospitalization and death from the virus, rendering any breakthrough infection very mild. Plus, only needing one shot is a pretty sweet deal.


I plan on going to the US in perhaps August. By that time I (hopefully) will have had my second AZ dose.

How advisable would it be to get Pfizer while there (considering it is more effective, including all currently known variants)? I plan to stay there a couple months. At home, of course.


From the EU they’ll need an export permit.

They’re studying the mixing and matching of vaccines, but no conclusive data and recommendations exists yet.

Why? If you’ve been fully vaccinated, you don’t need to lock yourself in your house. In many parts of the US, cases per 100K are super low (less than the number of fingers on your hands) and vaccination rates are high.

I believe the article mentions J&J for LAX. Fly in, get vaxxed at the airport, fly back same day, and two weeks of quarantine in Taiwan. All done in 15-16 days. Hmmmmm.

I mean it is a bit crazy to spend thousands of dollars and travel 24 hours round trip on economy just to stop at LAX for a couple hours… but we live in crazy times I suppose.


best way to get thrombosis…


They’re really low numbers … granted, availability is an issue.

But have they even sped up the process a bit yet? Or are people still needing to fill in a bunch of pointless forms first.

Yeah, if I travel to get vaccinated, I would definitely visit the US for at least 5 or 6 days so I can see my brother and a few friends.

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I’ve got a nine-year-old. I don’t want to take him on a flight to the US until things are completely solved there. And I don’t like spending too much time away from family…

Things aren’t going to be “completely solved” anywhere for some time.

But I can tell you that things are a lot more normal here where I am in the US than they were in Taipei when I left.

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